Best Vitamin C serum suggestions

Best Vitamin C serum suggestions


Prior to finding Adore Beauty I had never heard of quite a few of the brand’s they stock, including asap. Do you know anything about asap? You appear to be quite experienced on your “skin care” products from what I have read on your blog’s. Mel.


@hayleypan not sure if youre still wanting to know, but i was gifted some drubk elephant for xmas and it is phenomenal.
I love the peekee cleansing bar, glycolic night serum and vit c serum. I have never seen my skin respond so quickly and noticeably to skincare. My skin looks amazing and its only been a week! I am sold.


Hi Mel, was the question above directed at me…sorry for the nonreply if it was!


Yes, I would love to hear some feedback on the Drunk Elephont C Day Serum too, as I have heard so many good things about it. It is expensive but I think it is worth the purchase from all the good reviews I have read about it. You can buy it at Mecca stores in Australia and next time I am near their one of their stores I will almost definitely buy it.


Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been away! I caved an ended up getting the drunk elephant vitamin c and the glycolic serum. I do feel the vitamin c is helping brighten my skin but it works very slowly. I didn’t see results as fast as you, but I’m sticking to it and hoping for long term benefits. The glycolic night serum is the stand out for me, my skin looks so clear and bright in the morning. It’s great at clearing congestion and just brightening dull skin by getting rid off all the dead skin cells.


Definitely give it a try. I think they still do the little mini set of the vitamin c and b hydra. Great way to try without committing to the full size bottles as they are pricey! I personally haven’t seen huge differences, but I definitely notice some brightening using the vitamin c. Gonna persist and hope it helps to keep improving my skin texture over time.


Thank’s for your advice. Melissa.


I’ve used the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Firma Day Serum and I have to say that I was very underwhelmed by it considering it’s price. I bought it from a well known store after doing a ton of research about the stability of the serum and what the colour and fragrance should be. I watched heaps of YouTube videos on the different types of Vitamin C serums from reputable skin gurus and a majority recommended it. My bottle didn’t even last four months before oxidising and smelling like salami and I found that my forehead was covered in tiny blackheads after about 4 weeks using the product every day. I could see no change in the pigmentation on my forehead after the the four months use when I threw the bottle out unfinished. I personally hated it. I’ve been using The Ordinary’s Vitamin C 30% suspension in Silicone and I love it. The texture is smooth and goes on beautifully, keeps my oily forehead relatively matte throughout the day and doesn’t smell like meat. It also costs a tenth of the price of the DE.


nice read , i started on the ordinary then when i finally worked out what my skin wanted i substituted some hylamide and some Niod , my best thing ever was when i found i could mix chemistry hand cream with my tretinoin to finally use on my neck nothing else has worked without irritation


Skinstitut vitamin c powder. $30 and lasts close to 6 months for me. Its pure L- ascorbic acid- best form of vitamin c available, and it doesnt oxidize, and mixes easily with any serum (unlike the stuff you may buy at a health food store, which i have tried using, and i found very difficult to dissolve). Its sooooooo much cheaper then all the other options and just as effective- if not more so. I refuse to spend more money then i have to on skin care.


I use this Vitamin C serum. From what I know most of them are the same, it just matters which companies you like.


You can use BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule It contains ten different types of skin-benefiting vitamins and Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract that work to repair damaged skin and bring radiance back to your complexion. Rich in Vitamin C, this miracle serum naturally evens out skin tone and brightens the skin to achieve that healthy, youthful glow.