Beta testing - we need you!

Beta testing - we need you!


Well hello there you lucky beta testers! You’re getting early access to the new forums before the rest of the world.

What does this mean?

  • We need your feedback! What do you like, what don’t you like?
  • Can you provide suggestions for improvement?
  • See something old that concerns you or doesn’t add value? Send a private message to @christined or I and we can take a look.
  • Need help finding your feet? @christined is here to help!

So who is this lovely @christined you say?

Why your Community Manager of course! Keeper of the peace, giver of special emoji prizes and all-round cheer leader. You will see her A LOT in the coming months, along with some old favourites (hi @KateMorrisCEO :blush:) as well as some new ones like mine :raised_hands: We are here to help!

This is a week for testing and refining. A safe space for us to play around, maybe make some mistakes with over emoji-ing. Most of all we want your help to create a welcome and warm environment for all before we open up the party. :cherries: :strawberry:

We can’t do this without you and we are so thrilled you are here :slight_smile: Put your hand up below if you’re ready to test away with us. :raising_hand:

NOTE - This topic will be deleted on June 2


Hello hello Adorable Beta Testers and thank you for the lovely introduction @tresnalee! :heart_eyes:

As Tresna , has already mentioned, we’re so excited to be re-launching the forum and to have you on board.

As Community Manager I’ll be here anytime you have a query, or just need a virtual hug. Please don’t be afraid shoot me a message and say hi and get amongst the beauty chit chat on the forum. :heart:.
Anyway, please have a play, have lots of beautylicious fun and I look forward to hanging with you lovelies on the forum xx


Thanks for having us ladies :smile:


Wecome @BeachyPeach! Nice to have you on here :grin:


It’s like 2008 all over again - yay! Good to be back




I can’t believe I’m back on Adore.
I just read the Vajazzling thread. Whut.


Hah! I saw this the other day and it was a blast from the past! It really was a “thing” all those years ago :joy_cat:


Welcome @Pixie! Nice to have you back .
And uhhh yeah as for that thread… aren’t we glad we left that trend behind in the 00’s! :no_good:


I’ve been logging on to the forum over the past few days via iPhone, iPad and now on my iMac and sometimes it takes a few tries to log on and the server times out. Maybe something to let IT know during this beta testing phase :nerd:


@happy2be That’s odd! Does it give you a particular error message? Will look into it for you x


Hey @happy2be

IT here :slight_smile:

Would love to help you with this - i don’t suppose you could give me a screenshot could you? I just need to see where the problem is happening so I can get it fixed.

Really appreciate the assistance!


Will do next time it happens :+1:
And what’s the bet it won’t happen now I’ve written about it haha


:slight_smile: That is my purpose in life im afraid

Thank you - we really appreciate the assistance!


Hello! Great to see the forum back!

I can’t log in with my old id. I tried the reset password thingo but didn’t get an email and it’s saying that my old username is taken.


Hey Glossy, Welcome back to the fam! Are you using a different email address? Have you tried logging in with the email address you previously used as opposed to using your ID name to login?



It’s great to have the forum back!

I’ve tried logging in with my old email and new email address, neither of
them work. I tried resetting my password but I don’t get the email.

I haven’t had the option of logging in with my username, only with my email




I love Adore Beauty

Thanks for the invite


Hi Gareth - here’s the error message from my iPhone 7 - just happened a few minutes ago. Cheers


Hey @happy2be

This is really useful - so was this when you pressed login - that happened?