Blackheads - help!

Blackheads - help!


Hi there

This is my first post and as you can see, it’s about horrid blackheads.

My thirty-something skin is a little dehydrated in places, but mostly normal with a very slightly oily t-zone, however I have noticed recently that I have an influx of blacheads on my nose, cheeks and chin. I use mostly Dermalogica products and exfoliate twice a week, however they persist! ( I think my blackheads might have something to do with my hormones re-balancing after the birth of my baby 4 months ago??)

Anyway, would love to know if anyone has/has had this problem and what they used to combat it? Any tips/products that really helped???



Hi Mrs M!

Firstly - welcome to the Forum! :waving:

Now, about those blackheads… I have a few and although not terrible, I find this helps:

It’s quick and easy, and it does make a difference. Hope this helps!


definitely use something with salicylic acid in it , the one Celeste mentioned has it in it , cleansing twice daily will make a big difference as well , & use some “actives” within your regime
check out the reviews for alpha h & Ultraceuticals


Hi and welcome, Mrs M!! Blackheads are one of those things that I don’t think you can ever really truly get rid of. I get told routinely that I have beautiful skin and yet I still have blackheads! I find that making sure you’re really properly cleansing, especially at night, is the most important step. If I don’t cleanse my nose properly after a day of wearing zinc-based sunscreen and makeup, I can see the blackheads are more prominent the next day. Also, of course, exfoliation is important.

A lot of people swear by Mario Badescu Silver Powder too.


The thing that’s worked best for me is a good old-fashioned extraction facial. I always go to one that takes a long time to get them all out rather than spending a set amount of time taking them out then moving. Active ingredients in products will definitely help but I find the extraction facial really gives it a big kickstart and gets a lot of the oil blockages out of there.

Additionally, steaming your face 1-2 times per week then following with a clay mask helps to loosen dead skin cells and then draw them out. Hope that helps.


Ohh I love a good extraction. Makes me feel satisfied more than any other treatment ever!

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