Body moisturiser - best scent?

Body moisturiser - best scent?


What is everyone’s best scented body moisturiser that has a smell that lasts alllll day?


I love a natural botanical type scent for my body lotion @elissasampson so at the moment I’m loving Salus’ Calendula and Shea Butter body cream. It’s pretty subtle but I prefer not to have anything that smells too strong in case it doesn’t mix well with whatever perfume I’m wearing. What’s your favourite scented body moisturiser?


Have not heard of that one before.
I have a few that I’m enjoying atm being my favourite one from The Body Shop called Japanese Camellia from their spa of the world range. So amazing and velvety smooth
And another one is Sukin Body Moisture rich Body Creme smells very citrusy


Oh yes the Sukin products are always awesome. I love that orange/vanilla scent that a lot of their products have!


I have been using Aveeno Daily Moisturizing body wash. I love it! It works well for my sensitive skin. And just three days ago, I finally tried Forever Beach Days shower gel from Bath & Body Works, which was given by my friend almost four months ago. :rofl: I looooooove the smell and my skin feels extra smooth! :blush:


Try Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner, this is one of my best product i use and also i can suggest you to use it.


CeraVe Daily is my all time favorite lightweight moisturizing lotion. It works really good in keeping my skin moisturized after cleansing and is ideal for dry skin.