Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs


Body scrubs! Do you use them? Which are your go tos?

I’ve previously made my own coffee scrub with ground coffee, coconut oil and some olive oil which was divine but messy.

Otherwise I’m currently using Salus’ Eucalyptus scrub which is fresh and gorgeous and because of the eucalyptus doubles as an antiseptic on your skin.


Hey @christined!

Yes, I do use Body Scrubs, but more so in winter. It’s pretty necessary for me to exfoliate my skin in winter, as my skin can get a dehydrated and flaky.

I’ve been enjoying the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%, as the beads are a little harsher than most scrubs I’ve only used this on the back of my arms and my legs. I probably wouldn’t use this on my face, as it does feel scratchy at times and my face can be a little more sensitive.

Also, it’s fantastic at removing ingrown hairs!


It didn’t even occur to me to use this on my body @Vanessa_W! I’m looking at the tube in my bathroom with new eyes. :flushed:


Try it on your body @tresnalee and let me know what you think!