"Brand it like Beckham" - celebrity scents

"Brand it like Beckham" - celebrity scents



That’s funny because most celebs actually put me off buying the fragrance!


Likewise. Who wants to smell like Paris Hilton? :confused:

Has anyone found a celeb scent they really like though? Lovely by SJP seems to be pretty popular - it’s not for me but some of my friends really like it.

Do you gals wear the celeb?


I have never owned a celebrity scent, although I have recently smelt (not bought!) the Hilary Duff fragrance and was pleasantly surprised, liked the bottle too.


I have With Love by Hillary Duff. I must admit I had decided to buy it before I smelt it because I adored the bottle but luckily I also love the fragrance.

I also have the Lovely and Lovely Liquid Satin by SJP.

I have quite a few celebrity scents but not because I like the celebrity more because I like the scent. Others I have include:

Live - Jennifer Lopez
Live Luxe - Jennifer Lopez
Curious, Fantasy and In-control Curious By Britney Spears:redcheeks: ( I know I know but I love the bottles and I just had to have them)!

Do fashion Designers count as celebrities??? If they do I’m so bad! I have sooooo many!