Breakouts/New skin care

Breakouts/New skin care


Hi I have just started using some new skincare products and have had a few bad breakouts (red skin, blotches, pimples, stinging). Is this normal and will ease or should I stop using so much?
I use Dermalogica Calming Cleanser, Dermalogica Daily Microscrub, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Dermalogica Age Smart SPF50 skin recovery, Skinstitute 100% vitamin c, Retinol Syrum and the Glycolic scrub every few days. :heart:


I’d go back to basics - cleanse, hydrate, protect and then re-introduce each product for a good 2 weeks before introducing the next product. This should give you a chance to work out which products are giving you grief.


If you’re getting blotches, irritation and stinging I would maybe hold back @hollywalter. A breakout isn’t too bad - I think that often just means your skin is detoxing a bit so the oil coming out is causing pimples but if your skin is getting irritated you may just be sensitive to the products.

Like @tinamiller said - cut back and slowly re-introduce so you can find the culprit/s


Sounds like a good idea. I thought I may be using too many things. Now just to work out which to cut out haha. Will keep it as simple as possible. Thanks again xx


If you’re using a daily exfoliant - the micro scrub - then the Glycolic scrub shouldn’t be necessary, at least not for every few days use. Maybe once a fortnight, at the most.
I’d cut out the Glycolic scrub first.
Glycolic acid is not recommended for sensitive skins, which most people have… Lactic acid is suitable, for every day use and for more intensive mask/scrub use, because it has been proven to be exactly as effective as Glycolic acid, but without the irritating and sometimes painful side effects of Glycolic acid.
I bet the Glycolic acid is the culprit !!