Bright Lips On A Budget: You Need These Shades Now

Bright Lips On A Budget: You Need These Shades Now


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Feeling adventurous? Or wanting to change up your look for 2018 without breaking the bank? This year is the year to step outside your comfort zone and add a little more colour into your life.

A bright lip colour can change your whole look, so I don’t like to go too crazy - I usually keep it simple with a light coverage base, a touch of mascara, well groomed brows and a pop of colour on the lips.

Now, we all have those high-end lipsticks living in our makeup graveyard that we might’ve spent too much on - so what if I told you each of these bold shades was under $20?


Your Go-To Red:

3INA The Matte Lipstick - 403 Red

Red is a shade every makeup lover should own - you never know when you might need it for your next big event! Red can also be a daunting colour to wear for most people, but 3INA's matte lipstick has you covered, and it's well within budget.

- It’s a blue-based red which will counteract any yellow tones on your teeth

- It has a matte finish, it’s long-lasting & has a non-drying formula

- Easily glides onto the lips, with a very rich pigment

Pro Tip: For the most precise application, apply a lip liner down first. This will ensure a sharp lip line, and it’ll increase the longevity and intensity of the colour.

★★★★★ Gorgeous shade - Ronnie

"I love this bold, vibrant red shade. It feels really summery and can take any makeup look from drab to fab. It wears really well too, I find it lasts super well even when eating and drinking. Such a good price as well!"

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On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink:

Burt's Bees Lipstick - Tulip Tide

This is the perfect shade for a pop of colour without making your makeup too loud. It's a lavender-pink shade suitable for day wear for a dash of colour.

- Made from 100% natural ingredients

- Raspberry Seed Oil & Vitamin E help to hydrate dry lips for up to 8 hours

  • This formula has a creamy smooth satin finish

Quick Fact: This eco-friendly lipstick is made from 60% recyclable packaging and is cruelty-free, so it’s perfect for the environmentally-conscious.

★★★★★ BEEautiful - Clare

"Love this lipstick range. I like going for lip products with natural ingredients, as I heard that lipstick wearers can consume up to 1 pound of lipstick a year. GROSS! That's why I love the Burt's Bees range. I know that it won't cause me any harm, but will also help hydrate my lips and leave them feeling nourished. Also, the lipstick is really affordable with cute packaging."

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet:

Shanghai Suzy Whipped Matte Lipstick - Miss Cassandra Peony

Still not convinced that bright colours are for you? Well, here is a lip colour that shouldn't send you too far out of your comfort zone. This soft pink shade by Shanghai Suzy is one of their most popular shades - and I'm not surprised.

- This hydrating whipped matte formula is vegan & cruelty-free

- All Shanghai Suzy lipsticks feature a delicious strawberry candy scent

- This shade has a rich, dense pigment which will give your lips lasting colour

Pro Tip: This beautiful shade can double as a cream blush if you lightly dab it onto the cheekbones using your fingertips.

★★★★★ Lasting power without feathering into lines - Deborah

"Love this lipstick, it lasts and lasts, does not need a lip pencil to stay put and does not feather into lines around my lips. Miss Cassandra Peony is the perfect colour for my lips providing a natural colour with non drying lasting power and a beautiful soft scent.."

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