Burberry Brit Red

Burberry Brit Red


He bought me a bottle today.
Said it reminded him of me and Christmastime.
It’s spicy and heady.
Think fireplaces and hot toddies…


Just Love Burberry Brit Red. As it is limited edition I have stocked up on it. I love the Rhubarb in it.


I remember smelling it, loving it, buying it then thinking ho hum. Still a lovely fragrance but not a fave.:tears:


I was hohum last time too but I’ve been meaning to give my bottle a whirl again. I bought it in the summer so I’m looking fwd to trying it in the cooler weather.

still… All Vanilla Is Good.


I haven’t had much luck with Burberry fragrances. But my friend has Brit Red and it smells divine on her! I always think of her when I smell it, so has good associations for me.


Yep, that’s what I said when I first whiffed it.
Then I realised that Burberry Brit and Burberry Brit Red were not the same formulation, the latter definitely standing out for me.
Not sure what my fave is, though.
There are so many fragrances out there.
I’m really digging Gautier’s [I]Fleur de Male[/I] right now too. It’s supposed to be for men but I find it way too girly for a bloke. I note the salesman said, “…it’s the first fragrance for men that incorporates flowers…” and I’m thinking hmm…yes, well there are some avenues that perfumiers should not go down. :sunnies:


I love both forumulations of Brit. The edt is more vanilla and the edp stronger lime I think. I have used about a gallon of that stuff!

I also love Burberry London, the 2006 release. The women’s is a fabulous honeysuckle, great floral for cooler weather. The men’s is all cherry tobacco, one of the only men’s fragrances I’ve worn. It’s lovely. Because of all this rampant success I’m always up to try a Burberry. Tried to like Burberry Brit Gold many times but I just can’t abide it… a cinnamon note and the lily (lily=bad). It’s an interesting and lovely fragrance for someone though.


I got a sample of it and I liked it in theory but it just didn’t work for me. I hope you’ll have a good time wearing it though, especially in winter!


You know for me it kind of fills a gap… Vanilla with a Twist. If I find another perfume that falls into that category I can seem myself not replacing Brit Red and moving on. The gingerbread note is nice, as is the beautiful red bottle!