Can A Mattifying Primer Also Make You Glow?

Can A Mattifying Primer Also Make You Glow?


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If you belong to the oily skin club, you’ve probably been praying that a product like this would come along. A product that prevents oiliness, but also allows you to be glowy. Wait, is that even possible? It seems it is now with Benefit’s new POREfessional Pearl Illuminating Face Primer.

If you’re a POREfessional preacher but you’ve been craving some radiance, this one is worth a try. Start your morning on the bright side by smoothing this primer all over your face with clean fingertips. Wear it alone for brightened and refined skin, or under makeup to lock your lit-from-within look.

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How Does It Work?

- It works to fill in pores and even out the texture of the skin
  • Controls oil production to stop makeup sliding off or becoming patchy

  • Can be used only on problem areas such as the T-zone or all over the face

  • It has a pearl-pink finish designed to brighten dull skin

  • It creates a perfect base for flawless foundation application

  • The appearance of enlarged pores is minimised

  • Skin is more refined and appears smoother with a soft, matte finish

  • This oil-free, silicone base acts like a second skin without clogging pores!

  • Perfect for all skin types, particularly oily

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How Does It Compare To The Original?

I know, I know - it's scary straying from what you know. But I can assure you, this new addition is just as good as your original POREfessional Face Primer, just with added luminescence. It still prevents oiliness, gives the skin a matte finish and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, but if you don't believe me, a trial of Benefit's new POREfessional Pearl Primer revealed the following results:
  • 90% said complexion looked brighter

  • 91% said it minimised the look of pores

  • 96% said it created soft-matte radiance

What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ It's definitely worth it - Sheila

"The original is a holy grail classic for lots of people, myself included. I feel like Benefit took the original and made it better. Of course most people know POREfessional for filling in pores and smoothing skin before makeup application. But with the Pearl primer, I like to wear it when I'm doing a no makeup up day. Just apply this, do my brows and some mascara and I'm ready to face the world!!! It evens out my skin and gives it a soft glow without out foundation. It works just as well with foundation too."

★★★★★ This product is a staple for me! - Gioioa

"I’m not entirely sure what the science behind this is, but somehow my skin always looks smooth and flawless when I put this on before my makeup. This product has a great texture and smell that leave my face feeling soft and looking blemish-free. It’s also really easy to apply, and it’s a bargain since a little bit goes a long way."

★★★★★ Magic - April

"This product is magical! I want to gift everyone with it! I have dry skin and this works wonders. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and NO dry patches. This is a staple in any women’s makeup bag. It also leaves a gorgeous glow on your face."

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