Can anyone suggest what other items in The Ordinary skincare range are star products?

Can anyone suggest what other items in The Ordinary skincare range are star products?


Just started using The Ordinary products toner and moisturiser. I want to know what other items are standout products that I should start using?


@eliseramos I just started using The Buffet. I pop it on in the morning before sweeping on some mineral make-up. Keeps my skin lovely and moisturised and plump.


I’m so interested in this range also, and there’s a great chat about various products in another thread if you’re interested. Lots of tips and info that I’m finding super helpful. :slight_smile:


What’s your skin type, and your main skin concerns?

Anyone who has seen me post in here or spoken to me about skincare knows that I bang on about these two products from the ordinary quite a lot, I think most people and most skin routines can really benefit from adding these in!

I would recommend Hyaluronic Acid no matter what your main skin concerns - the reviews for this are amazing and deservedly so!

And Niacinamide is another all-rounder, normal to combo and oily skin types will LOVE this one, use it during the day under your moisturiser to help balance your skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and speed up their healing process:


Great thanks for that I’ve heard good things about the Buffet product.


I’m dehydrated but have a combination skin type.


I like the niacanimide for its skin strengthening effects on my ‘aging’ skin.


Love buffet but I really like the high spreadability for my primer


I bought the Hyaluronic Acids 2% +B5 4 days ago after Shannon_Staff recommended it and I can already see a difference! I have combination skin that has been quite dry after a roadtrip to Victoria had me using more heating. It’s beautiful! The first few applications I didn’t even use my normal moisturiser, I just cleansed then applied a small amount (spreads easily and don’t need much) and my skin just feels and looks much more nourished. The little bottle will last a really long time. I’m definitely buying this again and will contain to use it, and want more from the range and am just waiting for it to come back into stock!


I think i’ll grab this Niacanimide sounds amazing.


I’m not loving the toner but the moisturiser is fantastic .


Yay @kyliecavanough I’m glad to hear it’s working for you! If I had to pick one serum it would probably be that Hyaluronic :slight_smile: it does last a surprisingly long time, I’m not cautious with my use of it and I tend to have the bottle around for months…

I LOVE the NMF! My partner and I have actually lost count of how many times we’ve repurchased it. Just a great all rounder, it’s so interesting to me that more brands don’t have a similar product? Is the toner not working for you @eliseramos? It’s a pretty strong active product, and I’ve always wondered why they call it a toner when it’s more of an exfoliant.


It just feels like the toner is leaving my skin kind of scaly rather than smooth. I’ve only used it for a week so i’ll see how I go.


Ohhh it may be an overuse thing? It’s a very strong product depending on how often you use it/what else you’re already using, I would recommend using it twice a week to begin with and then working your way up to once every two days :slight_smile:


I’m using it once a day at night. and i’m using the moisturiser from the range and an eye cream from another range


Could you please suggest a gentle cleanser and moisturiser for a acne prone skin? Thanks


Hello!! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Oooh I have a few questions before I can give you a decent response!

As well as having problematic skin, can you tell me a bit more about your skin and preferences? Do you get oily all over, just in the t-zone, or would you say your skin is more dry? Is flakeyness ever an issue for you?

What products are you currently using that you think are working for you?


I can tell that my skin s lifeless overall with mild acne (pops once in a while), uneven skin, with pores. I am getting fine lines near my lips. I would say t zone s oily. But now with winter I don’t find it too oily at all.

Currently I am using neogen green tea face wash, sukin sensitive moisturiser and la rosche posay 50+ sunscreen during day. I use ASAP clear complexion gel at night. That’s it. Not even a compact powder, with the fear of breakouts. Hence, my face doesn’t looks presentable since I don’t apply any makeup.

Happy to change to a proper regime with a low budget


Hello! Just wanted to let u know that I am planning to purchase in a couple of days and any recommendations would be highly beneficial .

Thank you!


Also my cheeks seem bit red under light. Though not prominent pimples, looks like acne spots. No bumps though. Hope this info helps in suggesting the products

Thanks again