Cheek Tints

Cheek Tints


I love a bit of a rosey cheek :kissing_closed_eyes: but I find normal powder based blushes look too heavy and well, powdery, against my skin so I much prefer more of a tint or a stain that I can rub into my cheek bones that will keep for the day until I wash my face.
To date I’ve found Becca Beach Tints to be quite good for this but I’m still not sure I’ve found a suitable colour in their range for me and I’m curious to try out some new ones. Has anyone else gone down the stain/tint route for cheeks and if so what brands/products do you love?


@christined Have you tried Fig yet? I’m relatively fair and I find fig is just SUCH a gorgeous natural colour on me, but it also looks good on people with a medium skintone (Temptalia rocks it so well).

If I’m feeling ultra girly and cutesy I’ll pop on Benetint - it was the first “high end” makeup product I ever bought (I saved for months) but it’s a bit too rosey for me every day, when I want a more muted/bronzey look especially so.

I love cream products but I am a serial lid-leaver-offer and everything dries up because I’m the worst, so I find liquids are the most practical option for me.


@alexandraraymond I have tried the Fig. It’s nice but I have quite olive/tan skin (I look paler in my profile pic) so it doesn’t really show up enough on my skin tone. I need something that’s just a little brighter. I find the other colours are either a bit too pink or a bit orange for me. I’m just being a bit fussy though.

Will have to check out the Benetint!


I have been a long-time fan of the Benetint! It’s the only tint that truly lasts all day, plus it can double up as a subtle lip tint. Highly recommend :+1:


What’s the technique for cheek tint so you don’t end up looking like you have football game stripes on? I haven’t mastered it.


@tresnalee I just blob it onto my cheek bones and smudge around with fingers… I’ve usually done that using my lipstick or the BECCA Beach tint though and both are quite creamy so no stripes


I use the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, it looks bright and OTT in the pan, but it has a natural browny undertone and blends out so perfectly that it’s completely indistinguishable from a healthy, ‘just got in from the cold’ flush!

I also like that it’s a compact so there’s no chance of me losing the cap, looking at you @alexandraraymond :smiley:


Just got a hold of the Ere Perez Beautiful Beetroot Cheek Lip Tint this weekend and loving it so far. Gives a really beautiful, natural looking flush on my cheeks when I rub it in, although I do have to be quick about blending it as it can dry quite quickly. Not loving it as much for my lips but I bought it specifically for my cheeks so it’s serving its purpose.
It’s made from organic beetroot extracts too so also nice and natural which I love!


agree, it can be tricky with runny stain-type products (Benetint etc). Key is to do one cheek at a time. I do quick little cat-whiskers then pat them in straight away.


Beetroot! I love that this is made of veggies, how interesting! Do other products in that range have food extracts?


So cool right, @tresnalee ?! I’m not across all their products but I do know that they have a cheek and lip balm range that uses carrots!


Does this count towards my daily 5 vege? :grinning:


I love the idea of cheek tints but my skin is just too dry and I end up with funny little pink mottles on my cheeks. When I see it on people who it works for I’m always very envious. I love the back story to this product too. It was originally made as a nipple tint for strippers! :joy:


@tinamiller that is hilarious! Is that cheek tints in general or one particular brand?


Just thos particular brand it was started in LA I believe.