Chemical Free Foundation

Chemical Free Foundation


I am on the hunt for a good chemical free foundation. I am constantly looking for natural products online. And although the product says “Natural” more often than not, when researching each of the ingredients on the list I ended up finding a few chemicals have been snuck in! Can anyone help?


@kaedeker definitely Inika! I love both their organic liquid mineral foundation (with hyaluronic acid in it too!) and their baked mineral makeup!


Being “natural” doesn’t always mean it is good for your skin.
Some citrus oils are put into products and are definitely a no, no but people think because it is natural it must be OK.


@bridgetlockyer do you have any suggestions? You seem very knowledgeable! Id be keen to hear what you use!


Hey @kaedeker, depends what you consider to be a chemical? (Technically water is a chemical …) If you can tell us a bit more about specifically what you want to avoid, we can help!


Agreed! I’d love to hear more @bridgetlockyer


Hi @KateMorrisCEO, I try to avoid anything with studies pointing to the ingredient being a possible carcinogen. I like to look up each ingredient before making a purchase.


good on you for being so thorough! Just don’t freak yourself out by over-googling… there are a lot of dodgy “studies” out there, I think sometimes there is more hype than substance.
This is an excellent and very sensible article by Choice on what to be worried about (and what not to be).

Inika makeup is all certified organic - in fact we have a whole section of organic goodies:


Hi @KateMorrisCEO that’s a great article, thanks for sharing!