Cinch Facial Spray: Moisturise & Primer in one?

Cinch Facial Spray: Moisturise & Primer in one?


I’ve been using this for the last few days and it’s fantastic as a primer - really gives you that glow :heart_eyes_cat:


This sounds awesome @Shannon_Staff. The convenience factor is a real perk. I never bother with primer etc because I’m usually too lazy! Might have to check it out.


Yeah I love the idea - you just mist it on and get out the door!

My fav way to use it is to spray it onto my face, and then spritz it into my hand twice and put it only where I want the extra glow - aka my cheeks, under my brows and on my cupid’s bow… I should probably review it properly huh!


@Shannon_Staff Do you use it under makeup too? Or just over? I am primer-hungry.


I definitely prefer to use it under makeup, instead of a primer! Very dry/dull skin types will enjoy using it as a mist-refresher throughout the day, but my normal-combo skin had best results using it underneath.

I LOVE how this looks under mineral makeup - and it makes matte/satin finish foundations just that little bit more glowy and alive.