[B][/B]I notice a lot of people on this site use Clarins. I have made quite a few purchases from Clarins but I really don’t know that much about the brand. I tend not to head to Clarins counter at big department stores because I hardly see any advertising for new products etc! Any Info would be greatly appreciated!


I have worked with and used the Clarins products for almost 20 years. I was fortunate enough to do the advanced training course in Paris and met Mr Clarins himself Mr Jacques Courtin.

Primarily plant based products make up the range. The colour range appeared in Australia about 16 years ago and was marketed as an anti-pollution make up in that it had a protective effect on the skin.

Not a lot has changed in that time, popluar, stand out items in the range include obviously Beauty Flash (a make-up primer but also a great mask for sensitive skin); Purifying Plant Mask; Age-Control Extra Firming serum (used to be called Double Serum and presented in two bottles!); the Facial Treatment Oils for night; Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Alpine Herbs cleanser, all the sunscreens and sunless tanning products; Tonic body oil, Multi-Active day cream; Eye contour gel for puffiness, the Eau Dynamissante range (especially the foaming shower mousse), the Extra-Firming range and of course my staple the Tinted moisturiser.

I tend to buy other ranges of make-up now but have always liked their range especially the new pearl lipsticks, the Instant Smoothing Perfect Touch (polyfiller for your face!) and their gorgeous eyeshadow quartets.

Nothing really innovative with Clarins, just dependable, effective products that have remained popular over the years. Worth giving a go!:slight_smile:


I was using all sorts of different skincare products since I started using Clarins at the start of this year, and I have been really pleased with the results. It’s true - there’s not much innovative about it and it also doesn’t seem to use actresses or models to endorse its products which is why I think it tends to get overlooked at a big Department Store. The Hydra-Matte Day Lotion was an absolute miracle for my combination skin as my skin was really parched but looked too shiny in the summer. It’s pretty much got a products for every qualm, that’s my favourite thing about it. I also love the Beauty Flash Eye Balm (the counterpart of Beauty Flash Balm - another product I use) which doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. Like the BFB, it completely wakes up the eye area and gets rid of any telltale signs of no sleep, etc. in seconds. The Cleansing Milks are also great, and the Wonder Volume Mascara is my favourite mascara ever (also comes in Violet, looks great).


Ooooh! I forgot about the Beauty Flash Eye Balm - fabulous product. I dont often re-purchase an item but I do with this one!:wink:


I used to use Clarins cleansing milk with Gentian and loved it except for one thing- the smell is exquisite and it was fabulous on my oily/easily sensitised skin, but it really irriated my eyes so that even if I only used it around the eye area they still watered for half the day. Such a pity because I loved everything else! If anyone knows of a similar cleanser do let me know!


I worked for Clarins for about three years while I was it uni and loved it - except for the horrid uniforms :stuck_out_tongue:

I would consider it a range that is very pleasant to use but not really a hardcore cosmeceutical range like Alpha-H or Ultraceuticals.

My faves:

  • the body products! Nobody does body products like the French! My especial favourites are the Tonic body oil and the hand cream.
  • Eau Dynamisante - love love love this (and its matching bath/body things) and strangely enough I have never got sick of it.
  • Wonder Volume mascara is the best! Bit hard to remove but gives the longest fattest lashes ever.
  • the fake tans give a really good colour
  • Beauty Flash Balm - can’t go past it on days when one is feeling a little under the weather and haggard :drunk:
  • Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - as Luisa Brown says, like polyfilla for your face :spin:

Their makeup used to be really daggy and awful when I worked for them but it is getting a lot better. The foundations in particular are very good these days, and the new clicky-pen concealer (like YSL Touche Eclat) is very good too.


Thanks for the info girls! Guess where I am going tomorrow??? Clarins shopping and I don’t even have to leave my house thanks to Adore Beauty!


I only began trying Clarins when I started work here. I’m sticking to my cosmeceuticals brands for skincare, but I really like some of the Clarins makeup.

My fav’s:

Beauty Flash Balm
True Radiance Foundation
Colour quench lipgloss



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