Color correction tips please! (Hairdressers only)

Color correction tips please! (Hairdressers only)




I’m a student hairdresser with 3 years experience but I need a bit of guidance and advice…

I have a client who cheated and box coloured her hair. She is a natural level 7-8 and I used to bleach her regrowth and tone her to as white as possible.

So one day a few months ago she comes up and says that she’s SERIOUSLY considering coloring it black. So I told her to think about it and I said I would do it for her. So, instead of getting back tome she went ahead and box colored it.

Stupid girl!

Apparently she has only colored it twice…and now she wants it gone. We don’t have a goal colour yet but I did offer to come over and do a strand test for her for no charge and see what our possibilities were before we went ahead with anything.

Question #1 - What colour removers should I use? I’m not familiar with any professional color strippers. I’m going to be just stripping out as much color as I can on a strand of her hair, and perhaps also doing a bleach cleanse after.

Question #2 - Is this even safe, or possible? Considering that she’s bleached white underneath those layers of black colour.

Question #3 - If this is possible - how should I go about the process? Should I go see her weekly/fortnightly etc to do a cleanse as she hydrates her hair? Or is this more of a use a stripper once and see where it takes us kinda situation? I’ve never done a color correction so intense before.

I think we are preferably going to try and get as light as we can before we decide on a goal colour here :\ she’s not too sure what colour she wants but all she knows is that she doesn’t want black hair anymore. Advice please!!! <3


Hey Kristian,

Happy to help assist you the best i can!!

okay so she has gone and put black box colour on her her twice? look my best advice would be like you said do a strand test even though it has only been a few times with box colouring the ingredients in them are still quiet strong and can have a reaction to stripper/bleach.

Do you want to use a traditional colour remover or do like a bleach bath instead? Whenever playing with bleach or colour removers its not that it is not safe it’s more or less the outcome is unknown e.g breakage, chemical reaction and colour outcome. Depending on which way you go about removing the colour if you do a bleach bath which is a bit more gentle or you go and use a colour remover i can recommend the best way to approach the steps of doing it. Colour corrections seem more scary then they really are try remember you know the foundation of everything all you need to do is follow the basics trust yourself hun! once you’ve answered these questions we can find the best approach for you. Also find out what shampoo and conditioner she is using aswell as that will play a factor into this colour correction.

xx Liv