Colour-Correcting Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Colour-Correcting Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


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Colour-correcting isn’t just a technique for YouTuber’s and professional makeup artist’s - in fact, you’d be surprised how simple colour-correcting has become for regular makeup lovers like us.

Since redness is a concern for a lot of our customers, I thought what better product to talk about than Make Up For Ever’s Redness Correcting Primer. Yep, that’s right - no tricky cream products, just a primer. You can manage that, can’t you?

If you’ve never delved into colour-correcting, you might be wondering how slathering on a green primer will fix your redness. Cast your mind back to the colour wheel. Green and red are opposites, so green neutralises red tones.

Why Do I Struggle With Redness?!

Redness can be caused by a variety of factors, like inflammation, rosacea, sun damage, broken capillaries, heat exposure and skin sensitivity. Redness is usually caused by the blood vessels in the face dilating, causing a reddened appearance on the skin's surface. There are treatments and skincare available that can curb facial redness, but for a quick fix, colour-correcting is the way to go.  

What Does This Primer Do?

- It creates the ideal base for long-lasting, flawless makeup
  • The lightweight, hydrating base features sheer green pigments

  • Designed to correct and neutralise facial redness

  • Smooths the appearance of pores & fine lines

  • The silicone-based, green-toned formula goes on transparent

  • Boosts skin radiance for a brighter complexion

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How To Use:

Apply a thin layer of the Redness Correcting Primer all over the face or concentrate it on problem areas using clean fingertips or a foundation brush. Wait a few seconds for the primer to settle before applying your foundation and concealer.

Pro Tip: If you find you haven’t got the coverage you want or notice some redness coming through, after you’ve applied your foundation, blend a very small amount of Redness Correcting Primer with your concealer and apply it to any concentrated areas to diminish any visible redness.


What Does Everyone Think?

★★★★★ Definitely worth the money - Heather

"I didn’t necessarily grab this product to use all over my face as a primer but more so as a spot color corrector. I absolutely love it for the purpose. It conceals my redness so well after I blend it and put foundation on top. I find that you can’t see any blemishes peeking through whatsoever. Very good product."

★★★★★ Love it - Sydney

"I have extremely red skin and I was looking for a product that correct my redness and is a primer. This is everything I have dreamed about. I love it so much, it helps my redness, keeps my skin glowing and keeps my makeup in place. I recommend it to anyone with red skin."

★★★★★ Perfect base - Tabitha

"The first time I tried this, it blew me away. It's perfect for people who suffer with redness due to spots and great for oily skin. It sits great underneath makeup and neutralises redness so well creating a perfect base for foundation."

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