Contouring Products & Techniques

Contouring Products & Techniques


What products do you guys use for contouring? I’ve tried using cream based contours and powder based contour products but always just feel like my face ends up looking like I have dirt on my cheeks! Am I just not applying properly? Is it the products? Love to hear what works for you guys?


I’ll preface this reply by stating I am the Uncle Scrooge of contouring. Baaah Humbug! This probably won’t be a popular response - but contouring is not for everyday wear. THAT’S why it looks odd and everyone struggles to make it work. It really is just for photography and theatre/film - that’s what it was designed for. The Instaglammas out there make it look effortless and gorgeous because of lighting and filters. If you saw them in real life with that much makeup on you’d be horrified. Can you tell this is a pet peeve? :laughing:


@tinamiller :joy: Harsh but true! It probably is best kept for photoshoots and film.


I personally love a soft powder contour. I use the NYX blush in taupe because it gives a soft shadow and is cool toned. I am gutted that colourpop got rid of the contour sticks but I still have a couple in a pale shade called dove and they are beautiful and subtle, I think the NYX ones are similar but a bit warmer. When I powder contour I use a little brush and buff the powder in circles from the beginning of the hollow in my cheeks (level with the outer corner of my eye) and blend back in tiny circles towards the top of my ear… making sure to keep in the hollow. Then I get a big powder brush and blend it with my bronzer and blush to remove harsh lines or if I’m just contouring I use the big brush to blend back in bigger circles to diffuse the colour and make it more soft.


Thanks @jaimeejackson. I’ve never tried NYX products. Will definitely have to check out. I’m so wary of powder though… always feel like it starts to look cakey on my skin. I guess I just have to work at blending better!


I’m so cheap
Sephora Contour Blush palette
I dont know why im using a blush palette to contour my face, but I like it.


I LOVE Benefit’s Hoola Quickie Contour Stick. For fair-medium skin tones it’s the perfect contouring shade, it’s not too deep so it doesn’t give you a super obvious dark line. It comes in wind-up packaging so I just apply it straight under my cheekbones and at my hairline and I buff it in with ModelCo’s Magic Blender Sponge. It’s the best contouring product I’ve used, highly recommend.


I totally agree with you @christined each time I do contouring I just want to wash my face!
My solution to that was using a darker shade of stick foundation (not a full coverage one and only 2-3 shades darker than my skin color) for the areas I want to contour and apply a bit of bronzer over it. I feel like it works better as it blends better with my base foundation.


Haha @christined I swear I end up looking like a clown and have often wondered the same thing! Is it me or the product that is the problem?

I’ve tried a few, one from Sephora and another rather expensive kit from Mecca Cosmentica and I couldn’t get it to look good so I have come to the conclusion that is contouring itself that is the problem (but then again a bad trademan always blames his tools :joy:) so in conclusion I agree with @tinamiller, it probably is best used for film/insta


lol at blaming tools…


I have to agree with @tinamiller that contouring was designed for photo shoots and theatre, however, if I’m going out in the evening, I find that NYX wonderstick in light/medium gives me the most natural looking result. I just use it sparingly and blend REALLY carefully.