Coverage Challenge: Did This Foundation Formula Pass The Test?

Coverage Challenge: Did This Foundation Formula Pass The Test?


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One of our beautiful team members at Adore Beauty HQ came to us with a proposition. Tamanna’s vitiligo started to develop when she was 5 years old - up until now, she’s never used camouflage makeup, or any kind of foundation for that matter.

But she wanted to have the option to experiment with makeup and create a different look for a wedding or special event. While we love Tamanna’s unique skin, and admire her confidence, our resident makeup artist, Vanessa was up for the challenge - and the end result left Tamanna speechless.

What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterised by the loss of melanin in the skin, causing the skin tone to appear 'blotchy'. This condition occurs when pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) stop doing their job. This means that the cells are no longer producing the pigment that gives your skin, hair and eyes colour - causing the affected patches to become lighter.  

What Did The Process Involve?

I asked Vanessa to give us a run down of the steps she went through to create Tamanna's end look:

Step One: Prepping the skin

Before we even think about starting on the foundation - we have to prep the skin correctly. Tamanna has been blessed with beautiful skin, she doesn’t have much texture but has a few enlarged pores on her cheeks and a bit of a pink undertone to the lighter areas of her skin. So I started off by hydrating the skin with a lightweight moisturiser - buffing it into the skin until it was completely absorbed.

Step Two: Priming the skin

I lightly patted some pore minimising primer onto Tamanna’s cheeks with my fingertips, followed by a green colour-correcting primer to help counteract the pinkness coming through in the lighter areas. I chose a colour-correcting primer over a concealer, as the foundation is full coverage and I didn’t want the makeup to feel heavy or look cakey on the skin. If you have darker areas of pigmentation, you will want to go for more of an orange colour-correcting primer or concealer.

Step Three: Applying the foundation

I colour matched Dermablend Cover Créme to the skin’s natural pigment (the darker tone in Tamanna’s complexion), to shade Deep Brown. Warm the Cover Créme onto the back of your hand using your supplied spatula, then lightly pat the product using a damp blending sponge onto the lighter areas. You can build up the desired coverage as you go, using small amounts and adding gradually. Once you’ve concealed those lighter areas, blend the foundation out gently to give the appearance of an even tone.

Step Four: Concealing

After the foundation has been applied, if you need to add any extra coverage, I used a shade lighter in the Cover Créme to conceal under the eyes, so it’s the same coverage and texture all over. To add dimension the face, I used two shades darker in the Cover Créme to contour.

Step Five: Setting the foundation

To ensure the best results from using this product, I recommend setting it with Dermablend Loose Setting Powder. Apply the Loose Setting Powder all over the skin, leave for 2 minutes and then lightly dust off with a fluffy powder brush. To finish off, give your face a spritz with a setting spray to ensure longevity.


Why Use Dermablend Cover Créme?

- It's a long-lasting formula that has up to 16 hours wear
  • It’s smudge/transfer resistant so it won’t rub off on clothes

  • The formula can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin

  • It provides all-day hydration & protection with SPF 30

  • Doesn’t look cakey, heavy or mask-like on the skin

  • Has a velvety texture which glides onto the skin

  • It has been dermatologist tested & allergy tested

  • It’s non-comedogenic & non-acnegenic so it can be used on acne-prone skin

What Other Skin Conditions Can It Camouflage?

The possibilities are endless with this product, it can cover anything from birthmarks to burns, hyperpigmentation, scars and the symptoms of Lupus. It's also commonly used to conceal tattoos.

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What Was Tamanna's Verdict?

"I've had this skin condition since I was 5 - my skin is how everyone recognises me. I had never tried a foundation like this before, I usually just wear eye makeup and leave my skin bare. But it's such a good feeling that I now have the option to change up my style, and do something different for special occasions - if I want to, I can cover it. Vanessa has done such an amazing job, I'd never seen my face look like this, so it was a great experience."  

What Are Other People Saying?

★★★★★ RAVING ABOUT IT - Rachel

"I have been raving about this product to all my friends - it covers EVERYTHING! - and a little goes a long long way! I use the camo powder over the top and I am set for the day - lasts all day too without looking powdery!"


"I can't ever go back to another foundation. It is such a versatile product. Absolute full coverage - even all my tattoos! Looks and feels light and natural, and with the setting powder it lasts all day or night. No more smudging on my clothes, scarves, phone etc. Also, I noticed that the Cover Creme has helped in improving my skin. No clogged pores, no dryness in winter or oily skin in the Australian summer (and a little bit goes a long, long way).

★★★★★ Amazing - Jenna

"I used Dermablend for the first time ever for my wedding day. I was so worried about my acne and scarring, but I let the makeup artist do her thing and EVERYTHING was COMPLETELY hidden. I now swear by this stuff. I could not believe how amazing it made my skin look."

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