Cracked skin at the heel

Cracked skin at the heel


I will look for it after dinner and let you know Siren:waving:


[QUOTE=lilbabybeetroot;438868]I will look for it after dinner and let you know Siren:waving:[/QUOTE]

Thanks babe!:kissing:


[QUOTE=greenforever;437313]Always have cracked skin at the heel… really ugly… what should I do? I tried to use the tool kit, but only work for a little while, a couple of days, then they look terrible again. thanks guys[/QUOTE]

I’ll tell you the only solution for a life!

Apply petroleum jelly every night and wear a socks on. Do this regularly and come back with your results. :slight_smile:


yes Eulactol as well as using a pumice stone will do the trick.


Thanks for all of these recommendations. I can never seem to repair my cracked heels because whenever I am at home, I am always in bare feet. I am going to try some of these tips. Thanks a lot.


for the problem of crack heel then you have to care for it .Use good cream.You have to skip shower also.Drink more water.And there is no need to scrub your feet


You can as well try applying lotion on your feet and wear socks. do this at night. It’s like you’re giving your feet sometime to rest and moisturise.