Curly & Wavy Hair Hacks

Curly & Wavy Hair Hacks


So I have naturally wavy to curly hair (which I straighten the crap out of)… I actually just did a quiz and turns out I’m a “2C” type which technically is under the wavy category. So after doing some research on how to turn my frizzy waves into lush curls I’ve now read that soaking in coconut and castor oil pre-wash is essential to lock in moisture (@jaclynberuldsen - this links back to your thoughts on coconut oil for hair!) .

Apparently I’m also supposed to do some sort of technique where I condition then dip in water, then condition and dunk again to really get that moisture in there… And then “rope twist” my hair before letting it dry naturally or use a diffuser with the hairdryer… Sheesh! So much effort… But I might have to try a couple of these and see if I can embrace lush curls.

Any hacks from other curly haired girls?

P.S. Here’s the quiz to check your curl/wave type!


Oh I’m very keen to hear these tips! I have thick, wavy/curly hair (3a) and need a magic product/treatment that will define my curls and tame the frizz while simultaneously making hair light enough so the curls don’t drop out… magic probably sums that up perfectly :rofl: