Daily Moisturiser with SPF

Daily Moisturiser with SPF


I would absolutely love some recommendations for a combined SPF (preferably at least 30+ if not more) that is also a nice and light daily moisturiser.

I’m lazy and like my products to multi-task, so a two-in-one product would be amazing. Adore seems to stock STACKS so I’d love to hear your thoughts and be pushed in the right direction :relaxed:


@jackie_d I use a natural one called Devita Solar Moisturiser. It’s SPF 30+ and zinc based but rubs in so well (some zinc based sunscreens can be a bit thick and hard to blend in) and isn’t greasy. I swear by it!


@christined Thank you lovely. Is it a moisturiser too?


It is! I’m pretty sure they sell different types for face, body etc. The one I have is for your face.