David Mallet: Why You Should Know This Name

David Mallet: Why You Should Know This Name


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If you’ve never heard of Aussie-turned-Parisian hair stylist, David Mallett, you’re not alone - I hadn’t either until I started using his haircare range a few weeks ago.

He has, in his own words, always been “quietly obsessed with hair”. He boasts an impressive clientele including some of the world’s most influential publishers, designers and celebrities - Kate Winslet, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and Penélope Cruz just to name a few.

This leads us to his haircare range, which happens to be accessible to everyday people like us, and usable by even those with very sensitive scalps.

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What's So Good About This Range?

“I believe that hair should look amazing in the real world, not just for the time when one is in the salon. It’s not helpful to create an amazing look which only lasts for a moment, or which only exists in photos. My philosophy is about being practical, about showing clients how to have beautiful hair even when I won’t be there with them.”

- David Mallett's haircare products create a light & airy hair texture
  • His products feature highly effective skin-friendly formulas

  • Suitable for very sensitive scalps and allergy sufferers

  • The fragrance products are carefully measured to ensure they’re safe for skin

  • The packaging is sleek, stylish and masculine

  • Hydration and volume are the main focuses of the brand

  • All products are free from mineral oils, parabens, phthalates & chemical additives

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What's Everyone Saying?

Apart from loving how these products look in my shower (yes, I'm one of those people), I'm really enjoying what I've been using - especially the Le Volume spray, which has given me the most lift at my roots, ever. But enough about me, editors from major publications and blogs are talking about this haircare range, so what's their verdict?

Byrdie clamis David Mallett's Volume Powder is the 'Best Volumising Product'

"One Byrdie Australia editor calls this texturising dust her "ride or die". Free from allergens, it's gentle on hair and scalp, making it a solid choice for sensitive types. For best results, pump at the roots and ruffle in with your fingers. The result? Subtle lift, invisible hold, and an undone texture that lasts all day."

Gritty Pretty says David Mallett has the '4 Hair Products You'll Only Ever Need'

“If you think your hair doesn’t need a serum, think again. Like face serums, hair serums are a potent cocktail of active ingredients. Unlike other products, David Mallett’s hair serum doesn’t leave a coating or film on the hair and it even has the triple effect of boosting shine, taming fly aways and defining curls all at the same time.”

Popsugar voted David Mallett's Australian Salt Spray 'The Best Beach Hair You Can Get (in a Bottle)'

This volumising and texturising spray gives the hair has firm hold with a natural finish. Formulated with Murray River salt from New South Wales, Australia, the high magnesium and calcium content are both beneficial for hair, while giving it added texture and volume without heaviness, stickiness or dryness.

Into The Gloss refers to David Mallett's range as 'Your Hair, But Better'

"The Shampoo No. 2 Le Volume and Mask No. 1 L'Hydratation together gave me plenty of body that lasted most of the day, especially after after I closed up shop with a spritz of the Spray No. 2 Le Volume. That's it—three steps to getting everything roughed-up while still looking approachable and soft. Twelve hours later at my desk, as I write this, my hair still looks fluffy-wavy in a good, if not great, way."

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