Derma roller for stretch marks?

Derma roller for stretch marks?


Hi everyone, last night I saw an article on Women’s Health Facebook saying that a woman used her derma roller on her stretch marks on her legs and saw results. I’ve had stretch marks on my thighs since I went through a growth spurt in year 8 so I really want to try this. Has anyone tried derma rolling with results? What serums do you use beforehand and do you think that would work on legs instead of the face (where it was made for)?


Hey @alisonroberts, I’ve never tried derma rolling myself as I’m a big chicken about it but I once spoke to a beauty therapist who offers the service and she was saying that it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by 50% but would take several treatments. They also offer a numbing cream before each treatment so I think the professionals give quite a strong treatment. From what I’ve heard doing it yourself means you have to be a little more gentle with the rolling and have to do it for a lot longer and more often to see results.


I’ve just started using one on my face to help with my pigmentation. While I can’t comment on whether or not it will help you (sorry!), I can say that when you do it yourself, you can control the pressure. I then use my prescribed serums after. I’d suggest looking to having a treatment done and then investing in one if you feel it works. Good luck :slight_smile: