Designer Foundation vs Mainstream Brands - Is designer worth it?

Designer Foundation vs Mainstream Brands - Is designer worth it?


From a young 16 year old girl to a 25 year old women I have gone through and tried more then 50 different foundations. From Revlon, to Mac, to Two Faced, to Nars, to Yves Saint Laurent and finishing with giorgio Armani.

So the big question is, is the price jump from Revlon to Georgio Armani really worth it?

My experience is hell yes!!

The reason I started searching for the ultimate holy grail of foundations is not because of the finish or colour, its due to skin care and ensuring my skin was reaping the possible benefits of wearing foundation on daily basis.

In my experience all that the mainstream brands did for me was provide me with a standard foundation… I then found “Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Foundation” this foundation not only has the most amazing finish but it is infused with YSL’s skin serum. After only weeks of using it my skin was brighter and more moisturised, this Is something I never saw with Mac or Revlon. With Mac and Revlon my skin was looking dull even when washing my make up off at the end of the day. I then was looking for a nicer finish to I jumped to giorgio armani luminous silk foundation, and I have found my holy grail of all foundations, long lasting, beautiful finish, skin benefits and amazing colour choice.

My main reasons for justifying the price of designer foundations is as listed below:

  • The bottle its self may be more costly but it goes so much further (a bottle of mac pro-long wear would last me 3 months and cost around $55.00, that’s $220.00 per year) Georgio aramni and YSL cost around $110.00 and last at least 6-9 months! In my eyes not only are you getting a better product it is nearly as cost effective as the mainstream brands.

  • Skin health is so important, we need to look after our skin and understand what we are putting on it. The mainstream brands were ruining my skin! The designer brands have improved the oiliness, break outs, and have given me a natural glow even when I’m not wearing anything.

So girls… let me here your experience, thoughts and send through any questions!

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