Dewiness without looking oily

Dewiness without looking oily


I have combination skin that can be prone to oiliness so most of the primers and BB/CC creams (I don’t usually wear heavy foundations) I wear are matte which can leave me looking a bit flat. I’d love to have a more dewy look but am worried about just ending up looking oily.

Does anyone have any product suggestions that might suit me?


Hey @kyliecavanough I have the same issue as you! I naturally have oily skin, but I love a dewy finish. The way to achieve this look without being oily all over is to use a powder highlighter. The Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion gives you that glow from within, and without looking greasy.

Add it to your cheek bones, nose and above your cupid bow for a glowy look.


Thank you so much!


No worries :purple_heart:


@kyliecavanough I find that using Hyaluronic Acid has really changed my skin up and just helped it look more plump and hydrated which helps with natural dewiness… I use the Hylamide HA and find it absorbs really well. I also find that regular sheet masks help with this too. All about hydration!

To really get my dew on a highlighter can definitely help as Vanessa mentioned. I’m not sure how it would work with your oiliness situation but I love the Inika light reflect cream for cheekbone highlighting.


OMG I’m so excited! I just saw that Benefit Poefessional has a new formula!! And it’s exactly what I was wanting - to be matte but have a little glow - POREfessional pearl illuminating primer. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This product would be perfect for you! Let us know how you go if you purchase the new benefit primer!


I’m sure it’s a bit sad to be so excited by a beauty product - but I most definitely am excited! I just wanted something I could rub onto my face and be done with, just one simple step and not need to apply a few products.
Oh to not be oily, but have a healthy glow!! However I’ve bought so much stuff from Adore lately so I’m a bit poor right now, but I will definitely be trying this one! I’m hoping there’s a special offered soon so maybe I can save a little.


No, not sad at all! I’m excited also. It’s hard not to go a bit crazy with spending at the start of a new year - you want everything to be new and shiny again.

I loved the video they created for POREfessional Pearl Illuminating Primer. They make it look so simple and quick! Fingers crossed for more promotions :crossed_fingers:


I bought quite a bit of Alpha-H before xmas but unfortunately after the first couple of weeks where it made me look amazing, my skin now doesn’t seem to be loving it. So I’m trialling some products from Happy Skincare (they do a great priced sample pack) to see if my skin is a little happier. So I should probably at least get through my trial before I introduce something else again! That being said, if I saw it on special no doubt I’d just buy it :smiley: