DIY Lash Lifts

DIY Lash Lifts


I am loving lash lifts as an alternative to extensions but I was wondering if there is an at home kit/solution that is safe & good or is it best to stick to the professionals?

Thanks everyone & stay beautiful <3


Hi, I have no idea what DIY Lash Lifts are, but they sound interesting and I would love to learn about them. Thank’s.


@melissamurphy I’m not sure if DIY versions exist however you can get professional lash lifts done whereby they basically perm your lashes so that they curl.

@daniellafiumara Would be so great if you could just DIY this at home however not sure I’d trust myself not to get chemicals into my eyes :joy:


Thank you for your reply.


I regularly get a lash lift done at my favourite local salon (The Beauty Company in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne), they do an AMAZING job and I pay $80 which is a lot cheaper than some other salons. I would not recommend trying to do this treatment at home - lash specialists really know what they’re doing, and they ensure the safety of your eyes is the most important thing. Perming and tinting solutions can cause damage to your eyes, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals (plus, you’ll always get better results when it’s done right!).


@joannafleming approximately how long does the lift last before those lashes mostly fall out and you need it re-done?


My lash lifts usually last between 6-10 weeks, so if you’re comparing to lash extensions, the lift is much more economical!


@melissamurphy me either but hoped there might be a safe and easy solution but will just stick to the professional. Have a great Xmas


@christined mine last about 8 weeks but go back every 10 weeks