DIY Recipes for Skincare

DIY Recipes for Skincare



How many of you do DIY recipes for skincare or hair care?

How many of you have tried the natural route for skincare or hair care?

Do share your best recipes here!

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Avocado is supposed to be good as a hair conditioner. Haven’t tried this myself, but my sister loves it!


coconut oil it’s amazing for skin and hair. Also, you can do a hair mask with an egg yolk, it adds protein to your hair and keeps it healthy. you can only do the hair mask once a month though, too much of it can dry your hair.


Thanks for the recipes. I have also read that washing your hair with beer is also beneficial.


Recently, I tried this milk and sea salt scrub. The latter helps remove dry skin and at the same time milk makes your skin soft. Just a nice combination :slight_smile:


All the time - its actually my main form of skincare!

take a bath with milk powder in it - cheap milk soak!

i slather myself in coconut oil if i have day at home - it leaves my skin supple, clear and even toned. i love it.

masks from raw (non-heat treated) honey (get it at your farmers market) left on for 15 mins make your skin CLEAR and so soft.

Also mashed banana and honey is good for brightening and moisture.

for blackhead removal = crush up 6 asprin and lemon juice (enough to make a paste, add honey if you want) and scrub your face with it (careful of the eyes, lemon stings) and this leaves you so sparkly!

cucumber on the eyes after a late night (my nan used spoons left in the freezer for puffy eyes lol)

raw sugar and coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil for an in shower body scrub.

avocado and honey face mask.

one thing i haven’t ever tried is the oatmeal - i will definately give it a try! do you cook it or use it raw? or soak it overnight?