Do These Natural & Organic Primers Pass The Test?

Do These Natural & Organic Primers Pass The Test?


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I don’t know about you, but when I actually muster up the effort to wear makeup (it’s about once a week), I want it to stay put for the whole day. And while there are countless primers on the market, not all of them tick the natural or organic box.

What Does A Primer Do?

If you're a makeup novice or you're simply trying to amp up your beauty knowledge, you might not be entirely sure why a primer is necessary. Your primer is your step between your skincare prep and your makeup. Primers are designed to smooth the texture of your skin, add hydration and act as an adherent for your foundation.

Using a primer can allow your foundation to last longer on your skin, can prevent your foundation from oxidising (turning orange), and provides a smoother, more even canvas for makeup application.

If you’ve switched to an all-natural lifestyle, and you’re starting to build out your new makeup collection, these are the primers I’d recommend for your beauty routine.

For Sensitive Skin:

I recommend La Mav Bio-Active Primer


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- Provides anti-ageing antioxidant protection
  • Locks in plumpness & hydration

- Contains Rosehip Oil & Vitamin C for brighter, more even skin

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive & mature skin

  • This primer is certified organic


This product has a moisturiser consistency, so I recommend gently massaging the product into your skin until absorbed, then wait a few minutes before applying foundation.

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For Dry Skin:

I recommend Inika Pure Primer


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- Certified organic blend of nourishing ingredients
  • Contains macadamia oil, shea butter, avocado & apricot

  • Calms and soothes the skin

  • Provides an even canvas for make-up application

  • Improves the staying power of your make-up

★★★★★ This primer is skin food that feels and smells amazing! - Jules

"I use this every day as a moisturiser and as a primer when using foundation. My face never feels quite right until I have this on my skin. It is not oily but feels amazing and after applying my skin feels soft and smooth. I love that it's nourishing my skin with beautiful organic ingredients."

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For Mature Skin:

I recommend Youngblood Mineral Primer


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-  Lightweight, silky transparent formula
  • Smooths the appearance of fine lines and pores

- Rejuvenates the skin & offers antioxidant protection

  • Also has anti-ageing benefits, but suitable for all skin types

  • Not certified organic; made from natural ingredients, cruelty-free & vegan friendly

Blogger Review:

“It instantly transforms and melts into a very thin consistency that allows you to spread it all over your face very easily. One pump is definitely more than enough for the whole face because the product is so easily applied and the formula really allows you some time to work it into the face. The mineral primer has a light feeling on the skin and leaves a silky, silicone finish that leaves the face feeling incredibly soft. It’s definitely one of the best primers I’ve used in terms of helping your makeup last through the day, even through hot weather.” - Snezana, Tried & Tested.

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