Do you do your own nails or get them done at a salon?

Do you do your own nails or get them done at a salon?


Ok ladies, curious to know… do you usually do your own nails or spend the few extra $$ every now and then to get a nice mani pedi done at a salon? Also - normal nailpolish vs shellac? What’s your preference?

I usually just do my own nails. I just can’t justify paying to get it done most of the time when nails aren’t really a priority for me, but I just got shellac done for the first time and I’m kind of loving it!!


Ive been doing my own nails for years & years. (Self taught) acrylic nails for me :blush: Not a fan of shellac…isnt it from bugs?:astonished::wink:


I do my own nails, I just like the whole ritual of caring for the nails and then painting them


Whaaaa?? Is it?!

Is there something I can do to be self taught as well? YouTube vids?


Lol yep google shellac. Youtube would have lots of tutorials on how to do your own acrylic nails. After watching my nailtech for years…gave it a go myself. Save soooooo much on salon visits now too! And i can change them whenever i feel like it​:wink::wink::purple_heart:


Investing in a regular manicure is something I always make the habit of now. I feel put together and my hands are always ready for an impromptu photo shoot with my hands (which in my work I do regularly!).

I get a biogel manicure roughly every 18 to 22 days. Biogel is more expensive than Shellac but it lasts longer (no chipping) and also keeps your nails healthier. Your nails can still absorb oils through the polish so your nails remain healthy. My nails always look great so for me it’s a worthy investment.


I’ve never heard of biogel. Do they apply it the same way as shellac? Do most salons do it?


It’s applied a little differently, in that a pain brush is used rather than a brush in the bottle of polish. The gel sets in a similar way to Shellac (under UV) but it creates a healthy thick barrier on the nail.

It’s not offered at every salon as it’s a harder technique and takes a bit longer to apply.


I doing my own nails from two years. Just by watching some videos learn easy ways.


I only get my nails done a couple of times a year and like the sound of this @tresnalee can you recommend anywhere in particular ?


@tinamiller I get mine done at Miss Fox in Melbourne CBD where they also give you tea or bubbles while you get fussed over :slight_smile: