Do you just pay for the name?

Do you just pay for the name?


I’m curious to see if other people feel the same as myself in regards to high end makeup? Is it really worth the price tag attached? I have always been a fan of high end but as of late, I honestly feel as though affordable brands actually perform better on my skin than those which I have paid much higher prices for.


I agree. Affordable brands are leading the way! I’m currently loving Elf products :heart_eyes:


I have always liked high-end products but being a uni student its a hard habit to maintain! So, I have actually been using Revlon (colourstay) foundation recently and I must admit, the shade and consistency for my skin (Ivory/Buff) is pretty damn good when I compare with more expensive brands I used to use (Lancome, Estee Lauder, Mac etc).

I think it depends brand to brand honestly.


@tifo_connell I think sometimes you definitely do. The Ordinary range is proof that affordable products with minimalist packaging can be really good quality. I’ve started using their Buffet serum which has been getting rave reviews. It’s only been a day since I purchased it so can’t give proper feedback yet but so far so good!

I’m also keen to try their Hyaluronic Acid which is only $12.90! Such a bargain. I’ve heard really good things.


@vanessa_w oh i’ve been so curious to try Elf. Any particular products you love?



I just wrote a an article on this, please see below :slight_smile:


@christined I was really surprised when I tried some of their brushes, at the quality and performance - considering some are under $10 (BARGAIN). Now I use daily the Ultimate Blending Brush and the Blush Brush - I did try the bronzing brush but wasn’t stoked with the results.

I’ve tried the Liquid Eyeliner, which is rich in pigment and stays on all day - which is a must for me, as I have oily and hooded eyelids.

Finally, the last product I’ve tried and love is the highlighter. At first, I was disappointed with the results but then I scratched the top layer off and now my highlight is popping!


I have been really curious about The Ordinary. Sounds like it is definately a range that i need to try out.


Honestly, these days I’m a snob… maybe not in the traditional sense of only wanting high end stuff, just in the sense that I have zero time for products that aren’t perfect 10/10.

That said, I also don’t like paying extra if there’s an affordable alternative that isn’t massively different. There’s always room in my purse for a luxe lipstick like those awesome Bobbi Brown ones, but skincare, primers, hair? Maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve always been able to find a cheaper alternative. If something is expensive and I repurchse it, THAT is how I know I’ve struck gold!

The Ordinary for me has been the hit of the year - I don’t think anything is gonna top that brand for me. Their Niacinamide changed my life! For the price of two coffees! Love it.


Oooh great question! For me, sometimes yes and sometimes no. I think you can cherry-pick from different brands to get the best bang for buck.
I love Aspect skincare for example, but The Ordinary is also pretty great if you want a complete routine for under $100. I do find I get better results from Aspect but it’s not cheap, so I get that for some people it wouldn’t feel like good value.


I can generally justify a higher price tag for skin care, particularly when you definately see results over the cheaper brands. I don’t want to hazard a guess how much i have spent on cheap skin care. It scares me.


@tifo_connell yes that’s the thing! Cheapies are not a bargain if they don’t give results, or they end up in the graveyard under the bathroom sink :frowning:


Or the boxes and boxes i continue to add to in a hope that one day that will actually work for me. Whoops.


Noooooo never. One of my favourites of all time cost me $4.00. Having said that I’ve always spent the most on my base and look to the high street for colour. Boujour is made and owned by Chanel and I love their bases. The Elf product that I love is this, the clear liquid liner turns any eyeshadow you have into an eyeliner that doesn’t move - at all. Adore Beauty I’m looking at you… 5717422-81701-natural-main_large


I am very mich that way inclined myself. The majority of my spending is on base. However i will spend big on a mascara that doesn’t transfer all over my eyelids.


OMG shut up and take my money!! WUT?! Wait, so can you use this with different eye shadows and you wash the brush in between? More info please… this sounds life changing @tinamiller


That is it exactly @christined. This was on clearance at Kmart recently. I may or may not have bought all 4 that were left blushes. In my defence, did give one away…

I especially love this with shimmery eyeshadows for an evening look. Another great look is a clean eye with just the lightest wash of a pale gold shadow. Then the with the sparkliest gold eyeshadow you own a lovely think line and big lashes. The gold just peeks thru and brings light to the eye. Noice…


Oooh thanks Tina! I’ll pass on that product recommendation to our buyers to see what they can do…