Do you know laser hair removal hair?

Do you know laser hair removal hair?
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Hi, :waving:
I would like to know if laser hair removal may cause red spots on the skin? (My skin is fair with dark hair...)
Do you know E-One ? What do you think?


Yes, it may leave some redness or irritation, but it isn’t permanent.


It depends.Laser hair removal is usually a safe process with minimum side effects.After the laser hair treatment you should avoid direct sunlight for few days and it will be all fine.


I did laser removal on my facial hairs. Its safe and quick. There is some redness afterwards, depending on your skin sensitivity. The things you SHOULDT do : expose to direct sunlight for about day or two, wear any kind of make up on that part of your face, including colour creams and/or foundations / if it`s on your face ofcourse / .

And that`s about it!