Does homemade teeth whitening work?

Does homemade teeth whitening work?


Does anybody know a good product for teeth whitening?


Yes it works tremendously. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the paste and then brush your teeth. Do not do it regularly for it can damage the enamel, but it is effective for teeth whitening and if you are looking for some natural product then there won’t be any best alternative than activated charcoal teeth whitening powder. Try it once to see the difference.


@katebrownell I’ve heard that a lot of whitening toothpastes already include baking soda in their ingredients. Not sure if that’s true… but now I’m curious about how it might potentially damage the enamel?

I’m also super curious to try those black powdered natural teeth whitener products that keep getting advertised!


Hi, being a qualified dental nurse for 15 years, i can professionally advise you that brushing with extra bicarb is damaging to the teeth as it is abrasive. Its like brushing your teeth with fine sand- over time it damages the enamel. I have seen patient’s who brush with bicarb and lemon juice and in return have cause significant acid erosion to their teeth. Also the charcoal method has been trialled by myself and other dental colleagues, we found no noticeable changes to our colour… however we all do have quite light teeth already so perhaps others have found results due to they have started off with quite yellow teeth. The only way to successfully and safely whiten your teeth is to see your dentist for a kit and correct instructions. Please do not fall victim to expensive gimmicks :blush:


Hey @racheltesta-woodward thanks for the insight! So great to hear this from a professional. I had no idea bicarb was so bad. Good to know! Am I wrong or isn’t it an ingredient in some whitening toothpastes?

I’ve previously gone to the dentist to get my teeth whitened but my teeth were just so sensitive afterwards! So not sure that route is for me either sadly.


Hi @racheltesta-woodward I was wondering if you have had any experience with whitening products such as Hi-Smile or Bondi Smile. They all seem to be heavily endorsed by celebrities. However, its clear they given incentives to promote them. Therefore I do not want to “fall victim to expensive gimmicks” as you have said.

Can you provide any feedback on these?


I really like the Colgate Express White toothpaste in the red tube, I just get it at the supermarket. Seems to do a good job of keeping the coffee/red wine stains under control.

I have also tried Crest Whitestrips, they do work but make me gag while wearing them, and also make my teeth really sensitive :frowning:


@KateMorrisCEO can you get them in Australia? I’ve only ever used them in the USA but that said haven’t used them for a few years now.


I got them in the USA, not sure if you can get them here?


Yeah I don’t think they’re in Aus yet unfortunately! They’re so convenient.


Do you recommend the pola day/night?


Pola day/night is a fantastic brand for home whitening :blush:


I use colgate express whitening at home and get great results :blush:


I’ve never heard of this @racheltesta-woodward. Is it just a toothpaste or strips that you put on your teeth?


Hi @racheltesta-woodward I am glad that i read your post at the correct time. I was thinking to try some good method for whitening my teeth. But really I have a very sensitive enamel and now i don’t dare to take any chance. As you suggested i will visit the nearby dentist.