Does oil go before or after moisturizer?

Does oil go before or after moisturizer?


I always struggle to determine if oil goes before or after moisturizer. I just really want to know which will give me the best results. x


@brooke I’m no expert but I’ve always put oil based serums on first and given them a few minutes to soak in and then apply other product after that.


some of my friends will say me to apply before moisturizer and some will say to apply after moisturizer but as per my concern , Figure out what works for you and do according to it.


Water-based first.
Oil-based second.

Oil repels water. A water-based product cannot penetrate through an oil-based one; therefore if you were to apply a water-based moisturiser over an oil-based serum, you’re wasting your moisturiser.

Remember your basic chemistry and you’ll be ok. :slight_smile: