Double Cleansing Has Just Reached A New Level

Double Cleansing Has Just Reached A New Level


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If you’ve ever had a facial or a skin consultation, or you’re just generally into skincare, you’ve probably heard the term ‘double cleansing’. Now, do you actually know why double cleansing is recommended? Let’s go through the basics.

Why Double Cleanse?

Throughout the day, pollutants, oil and dirt build up on our skin. If we're wearing makeup and sunscreen, that's another layer of debris to add to the equation.

Your first cleanse essentially loosens that built up layer, removing impurities and residual excess product from the skin, allowing your subsequent second cleanse to be more effective.

Dermalogica have nailed the double cleansing routine with their new PreCleanse Balm which I’m using (and loving) at the moment, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

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Benefits of PreCleanse Balm:

  • It’s a deep-cleansing, water-activated, balm-to-oil formula

  • It melts away impurities and makeup from the skin

  • Allows you to achieve cleaner, healthier-looking skin with a double cleansing routine

  • Removes excess oil, sunscreen, makeup and pollutants from the skin

  • Comes with a Cleansing Mitt to thoroughly remove debris from the skin’s surface

  • It locks in hydration & reinforces the skin’s barrier without clogging pores

  • Smooths, calms and nourishes the skin

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Who's It For?

Dermalogica's PreCleanse Balm is most suited to normal to dry skin, and is safe for use around the eye area. You'll follow your PreCleanse Balm with your usual cleanser, which can then do it's job effectively - I personally recommend Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel (it's their best-selling cleanser and is great for normal to combination skin types).

How To Use:

Step One: Dispense about an almond-sized amount of product onto your cleansing mitt or directly to dry palm of hand

Step Two: Massage product into dry skin using circular motions, before add water to emulsify, working the product into the skin

Step Three: Rinse off and follow with your usual cleanser to complete your double cleansing routine!

What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Best Cleansing Balm Ever! - Danii

"I like this better than the any other make up remover balm I've ever used! Only need a small amount to rub it between my fingers and massage my face for less than a minute and it's ready to be wiped off! Not as waxy as the some of the others and needs less waiting time to remove eye make up, melts really well. Suits my sometimes-dry skin."

★★★★★ You need this in your life! - Koko

"By far the most amazing cleanser around without a doubt! You only need a small amount and it just glides over the skin lovely, you don't need to apply pressure not even when your trying to remove mascara. Removes all makeup with such ease that you wouldn't even need to follow up with another cleanser for that double cleanse feel and benefit. After removing with a damp cloth your skin not only looks amazing but feels amazing too. No tightness or oiliness that other cleansers tend to make your skin feel."

★★★★★ Staple to any makeup lovers skincare routine - Caitlin

"I tried this product and it was instantly a staple to my skincare routine! I wear a lot of makeup and it usually takes 2 pumps of my normal cleanser to remove it all. With the PreCleanse Balm, I am able to remove all of my makeup (including liquid lipstick) with only a small amount of product. The first time I used slightly too much product and it was a little messy - less is definitely more with this product. I like that a mitt is included, to really massage and gently exfoliate the skin while removing all makeup and dirt. After using it, my skin felt very smooth and extremely clean!"

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