Dry Flaky Skin

Dry Flaky Skin


I have the driest skin at the moment, to the point where it’s becoming flaky. I’ve been using Rosehip Oil, which helps, but doesn’t fix the issue long term. Anyone have some recommendations for some skin care that might help stop the flakiness?!


@lauratough I do too! Winter is always shocking for my skin. Are you talking about your face or just body in general?
I was thinking of giving Goe Oil a try after reading this article on the Adore Beauty IQ Blog.


Mostly just on my forehead, though I have dry skin on my legs too, but that is more eczema related. I haven’t seen that product before, I’ll have to look into it!


@lauratough I did a bit of a google about it afterwards and found a review saying it helped someone with their psoriasis and eczema so it sounds pretty good!


Ooo ok, I’m definitely going to have to look into it then. Thanks for the recommendation!