Dry shampoo! What's your go to?

Dry shampoo! What's your go to?


I’m a bit of a self-confessed dry shampoo whore! :laughing:
When you have hair as thick as mine, which I constantly have to straighten, washing can become such a chore.

I’ve got about 3 different dry shampoos on the go at the moment. Still trying to nail the perfect one. It’s a struggle to find the balance between what works best, what smells nice and what doesn’t leave a powdery residue on my black hair!

What’s your favourite go to for dry shampoo? Here’s where I’m at right now…

  • Klorane - I’ve used this for a long time. I love the scent, I love the clean factor but even the brunette friendly version leaves a powdery residue in my hair that’s hard to shake out

  • A’kin - I stumbled on this one as a cheapie and thought I’d give it a go. Works well but the scent really wasn’t working for me

  • Wella - This is my fave so far. No residue, works well, nice subtle, fresh scent. Just a little more expensive unfortunately but maybe it’s worth the extra few $$s?


I like Klorane as well! The scent is completely inoffensive and super fresh.

What scent is the A’kin one?

I’m lucky to have blonde hair so I don’t have issues with colour, but it’s thin so I end up using HEAPS of dry shampoo everyday. I am not very cost effective with it :joy_cat:


Evo water killer is the BEST. It is sort of a cross between dry shampoo and hairspray so it feels less talc-y than others, and also adds volume.

I also like Kevin Murphy Doo Over and Kerastase VIP Volume in Powder spray. But they are more towards the hairspray end of things.


Ooh I’ll have to try. I’m definitely an Evo fan. I’ve not come across ‘water killer’ yet though. I’ll pop it on the wishlist. :heart_eyes:


Oooo thanks for the hot tip Kate.


Would have to give a BIG thumbs up to Evo Water Killer. I used to wash my hair daily but since using this , can take it back to once a week! Also has a kind of styling element, smells good (doesn’t compete with fragrance) and guess what? No residue. Ran out recently and grabbed a can of Klorane - sorry but no comparison. Love love love :sunglasses:


Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo ( The rice and potato starches in this dry shampoo are key ingredients to absorb excess oils)