Dry Skin Issues - help!

Dry Skin Issues - help!


Has anyone got hints on helping skin be moisturised, but not oily?
I have english white skin and throughout winter it is so very dry. Not just my face, but also my hands. They are now cracking. I’m only 29 but my hands look that of a 60 year old throughout winter.
My face is currently very dry and scaly in most places. I do not suffer dermatitis or any skin issues. Just dryness.


Gah winter skin is hard!

Here’s a few additions that have made my winter easier.

I use this every morning and night after cleansing and it has really helped to remove the dry patches. I’m still stunned that it is so reasonably priced!

I’ve been using this on my lips daily and then as an all over mask (mixed with my moisturiser) once or twice per week as I go to bed. It’s super hydrating and I like that it feels like I have a barrier on my face.

I really like body oils in winter (sometimes I just get a bit of coconut oil and melt it down and then slather it on!) and I’ve got my eye on this one

I’ve just run out of hand balm so I’m in the market for one, but in the mean time I’m using almond oil as a simple fix. I too have those “old” hands at this time of year!