Elemis Products

Elemis Products


Hi, I have seen a few Instagram/Facebook posts about Elemis products being great. Has anyone used or know if the hype is true just that hype? The products are quite expensive and I am looking for good anti-aging (Or as anti-aging as you can get without going under the knife)? What do you guys/girls recommend ? Thanks Daniella


I’ve heard good things about the Pro Collagen Marine Cream @daniellafiumara! But just a bit pricey for me sadly. Would love to hear from anyone that’s used it too.


@daniellafiumara I absolutely love the Elemis brand. I use a range of their products. The products are light on on the skin and have a subtle smell. I am impressed with one of the ‘absolute eye serum’ as it has reduced my puffy eyes. I just had a facial and was told that my skin was in great condition. Give one of the travel or gift a try, it’s a great way to test the products out without the heft prince tag.


@lynnemcallister did it help with fine lines under the eyes at all?


@christined I don’t have too many fine lines for me to tell, I use eye serum to helpfully prevent these, however compared with the skinstiute eye cream that I used ( which I thought was the bees knees until the Elemis one and it’s still good) my eye is smoother and less puffy.
Do you know of any other eye creams that are effective?


Thanks @christined will look further into the products. I have heard that cream is good


Oohhh thanks heaps @lynnemcallister. Will feed look further into Elemis now…


I use their Papaya Enzyme peel and really like it! I find it lasts a while too since you only use it once a week or so.