Elf Cosmetics is live!

Elf Cosmetics is live!



What have you tried from elf?

I have heaps of favourites, I’ve been using this brand for years! They’re affordable but still great quality.

Their Blush & Bronze duos are awesome, so are their cream gel liners :smiley:


I’ve had my eye on Elf for a while! Never tried their products but the price point is so good and the products look great as well. Going to have to have a solid browse and find some gems.


I love Elf Cosmetics. I think they are truly a great brand with very reasonable prices. Definitely try some of their makeup brushes. Their skincare is pretty nice too. I tried the Elf Nourishing Night Cream and it feels like a high end brand night cream. Their makeup brushes are amazing as well. I never really bought high end brushes so I really like there are options for nice brushes without breaking the bank. For some reason I noticed that the brushes with the black hair seem to work better than the other colors (white, brown).

Hope this helps!