EMPTIES! What have you used up?

EMPTIES! What have you used up?


I LOVE seeing what other people have used up - saying you’re trying something is one thing, but knowing what you’ve totally used up and what you would buy again is a way better recommendation to me!

I’m getting to the stage with these three that I no longer have any idea how many times I’ve bought these.

Used up and already have repurchased… and would stockpile in case of a zombie apocalypse
The Ordinary Niacinamide
The Ordinary Hyaluronic
Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50 Matte

Tell me what you’ve used up!

Was planning to take a nice picture but my kitten thought we were playing a game!


Just finished up my first little tub of the Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste. I bought the little mini tub to test first and I love it! Just bought the full size tub and ready to go. It’s my first natural deodorant because I never really trusted any of the others and it’s definitely doing a great job!


Awesome thread @Shannon_Staff!

I have used up Aspect’s Exfol L 15 several times, loooooove it. I will also repurchase Aspect Hydrating Serum and SMC moisturiser when they run out.

Have also used up Intraceuticals’ 3-step HA layering system multiple times. I am also really loving their cleanser at the moment and will probably repurchase when it’s done.


I used up my Aspect Phytostat about a week ago. Did you know you can crack open those jars and get another three days of product out?


I did not know this but now I do!!


On a similar note, you can buy cheap tube squeezing tools that are great for any products in bendy tubed packaging to squeeze every last bit of product out at the end.!


@KateMorrisCEO yep just twist the top (on any of the serums and the Phytostat) until it literally breaks and then you can go for gold! You’ll easily get 3-4 applications once it’s “finished” which is super handy as you can never tell when you’re close to that last pump.


Yessssss! I do this with basically every product I use :joy:


The Ultraceuticals SPF (I use the hydrating version though) is the first SPF I’ve ever gone all the way through! I’ve since repurchased it and it’s the best.

Other things I’ve repurchased:

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte in Immortal (this is because I keep losing them, but still, I love it enough to repurchase when I’ve lost one)

Aesop Resurrection hand wash (because it makes me feel fancy)

Gimme Brow (the best brow product of all time in my opinion)

theBalm Schwing Liquid Liner (again, my all time favourite liquid liner)

Neuma Reneu Shampoo (this is saying something, because I NEVER repurchase hair products, but this one was really fantastic - left my scalp feeling super clean).


Gimme Brow is awesome. Although according to @hannahterrett from Benefit, I have been using the wrong shade all this time! I should be using shade 3 instead of 1.

I really like Neuma shampoos too. I have nearly used up NeuSmooth (the purple one) and loved it.


Benefit Gimme Brow Shade 3 is a work-horse! I thought it would be too light for me or too taupey but it’s just the right shade even if I’m using a different eyebrow pencil than usual, and I can’t seem to over-do it. You can buy a mini instead of a full size???

@alexandraraymond HMM i keep seeing people talk about gerard cosmetics immortal, maybe I should just get it? I keep looking for the perfect shade of red but that one looks versatile.

Oh no you reminded me - I GOTTA GET ON THAT NEUMA BANDWAGON!


I used up TWO THINGS today :innocent:

  • FOREO night cleanser - liked it enough to use it up but probably not to repurchase. The little granules/beads were kind of annoying. Not enough to be exfoliating so why are they in there!?
  • Aspect Hydrating Serum - I really loved this, though I still have a nearly-full bottle of Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster that I should use up before buying something else. I prefer the Aspect pump packaging though, can’t be bothered stuffing about with droppers!


Finished up another bottle of Aspect Exfol L 15. I am trialling The Ordinary 10% Lactic + 2% HA but I think I still prefer the Aspect, seems more hydrating?


Banilco Zero balm cleanser and la roche posay oil shower gel. I’ll be repurchasing both.


I’ve used up my Hylamide HA. So now the big decision - do I buy a replacement or try The Ordinary HA?!


I’ve just finished Aspect B and C serums. I can’t live without the B but I’m going to start using the C from The Ordinary and see if there’s any improvement (for a 5th of the price!)


@christined I’ve just recently started with the Hylamide and I like it better than the OT version - it’s not as tacky feeling for me. Not that I didn’t like TO HA - and would still have kept purchasing had I not stumbled across the Hylamide one on sale.


ah interesting @tinamiller! I’ve been super happy with the Hylamide. I guess the biggest drawcard for TO would be the price.


Agree - and also looking at Hylamides ingredients - it looks as if the formula they are producing has a better penetrative effect as well.


Hylamide is a more sophisticated product @christined so you’ll get a better result if you don’t mind the extra $. Not that it is all that expensive anyway!