Enhance Your Goddess Glow From The Inside Out

Enhance Your Goddess Glow From The Inside Out


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It’s around this time of year that we all feel a little sluggish after indulging too much over the holiday period. Many of us will put off our New Year’s resolution of joining a gym, or sneak chocolate back into our diets even though we said we’d quit (guilty).

But there is one thing you can do (without much effort) to get your detox going: drink tea. No, not your usual English Breakfast with a dash of milk and two sugars, I’m talking about Edible Beauty’s No.1 Green Goddess Detox Tea. You can manage a cup of tea each night, can’t you?

How Does This Tea Work?

The title of the tea is a bit of a give away here - it's a herbal blend of green tea which also features super ingredients St Mary’s Thistle and Dandelion Root. This unique concoction has been specifically designed for detoxing the body. Oh, but wait - if detoxing isn't your focus right now, there's nine other teas in Edible Beauty's range, too (check them out here).
  • Green tea is rich in catechin antioxidants (EGCG)

  • These antioxidants can ramp up the body’s metabolism & assist in weight loss

  • Green tea can also help improve cardiovascular health & reduce the risk of cancer

  • This blend assists & enhances the function of the kidneys & liver

  • Helps to flush out toxins, repair liver cells & protect it from future damage

  • Contains ginger which is a great digestive aid

  • Lemongrass & ginger provide this tea with a refreshing & uplifting flavour

  • This blend also contains small bits of apple, lemon peel & spearmint

  • No.1 Green Goddess Detox Tea is available in loose leaf form

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More About The Key Ingredients:

St Mary’s Thistle: unique in its ability to protect the liver. The compounds in this ingredient work together to support healthy liver function, while aiding in the elimination of toxin accumulation in the liver and in the support of hormonal processes in the body.

Schizandra: known as one of the most powerful “youth tonics” of all time. Prized by Asian cultures for its ability to enhance youthfulness, increase stamina and prevent fatigue. Schizandra fruits or berries contain compounds that enhance the immune system, protect the liver and improve the body’s ability to handle stress.

Dandelion Root: has been shown to improve liver function by removing toxins, re-hydrating and re-establishing the body’s electrolyte balance. The herb also acts as a diuretic, assisting the kidneys in clearing out waste, salt and excess water. The dandelion plant is rich in antioxidants that may prevent free-radical damage to cells.

How To Brew It:

I realised recently that I've been making tea wrong my whole life. Apparently you're meant to brew different teas at different temperatures? Am I the only person who didn't know this?

Anyway, this is a green tea blend (apparently it’s best to brew this tea at 80°C), so add 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea to your mug and combine 20% cold water with 80% boiling water, allowing it to infuse for around 5 minutes before sitting back and relaxing.

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What's Everyone Saying About This Tea?

★★★★★ Luxe Tea - Samantha

"This such a beautifully thought out product and I love the packaging, it's a bonus that the tea is also a winner in my eyes. I love seeing the complexity of large leaves and dried fruits, knowing that I'm boosting my health makes it all the more enjoyable than your average tea. Very reasonably priced for the size of the jar, which I will repurpose once finished."

★★★★★ A gorgeous instant pick me up - Megan

"I work very long nightshifts and I had this divine tea for the first time today upon waking. It smells amazing while brewing but tastes even better! I'm normally very sluggish first up but this tea seemed to pick me up and get me prepared for another nightshift. Not only does it taste fab but I know it's also full of gorgeous ingredients for my health and well being!"

★★★★★ Perfect morning tea - Nicole

"I love this tea. I drink it almost every morning. It has a pleasant jasmine flavor. Definitely will be buying this again!"

★★★★★ The best Green Tea Detox I've ever had - Felisia

"I'm loving it so much. Love the fragrance and it's not too strong. I think it's the best Green Tea I've ever had. Definitely will buy again."

★★★★★ Goddess I am! - Kristina

"Love the Green Goddess Detox Tea. Makes me feel all good inside which is exactly what I need every single day. Looks pretty neat sitting on my bench too which is always a plus."

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