Estée Lauder double wear colour question

Estée Lauder double wear colour question


I got colour matched to “fresco” I do like the colour but I might be a touch dark and can only really weAr it when I’m fake tanned.
Without having to go back to the counter (so I can order on adore of course) does anyone know what the shade lighter than fresco is, in the neutral colours?


Hey @kerrivansanten have you tried ? If you know your foundation shades in other brands this will help you match shades in other brands!! It’s awesome.


Not accurate enough. Don’t have the perfect shades under my belt. I’m just after a shade lighter. Pretty sure it’s acru


I would contact Estee Lauder Head Office, Myer, David Jones and ask them. They work with these colours day in day out, so they are very familiar.