Exfoliants and Peels. What works for you?

Exfoliants and Peels. What works for you?


Ahh, there’s nothing that feels nicer than the feeling of fresh dewy skin, smoother than a baby’s bottom!
I’ve been playing around with with AHAs and glycolic peel products for years and find that they just work so well for me. I’ve often used Neostrata AHA cream on my face in the past and find it works really well but sometimes I just don’t feel like applying a cream and leaving it on overnight and don’t love the smell. Dr Dennis Gross peel pads are AH-mazing too and would be my holy grail but just a little on the pricier side to keep using on the regular.

I’ve just bought the Pixi Glow Pads (made from 20% glycolic acid) and so far they seem good and I love just using a soaked ready to go pad to wipe over my face… although only been a couple of days using them so far, so time will tell!

Any tips from you ladies as to what’s worked for you?


I really like the First Aid Beauty pads. I’m using the Nip and Fab ones at the moment, they’re okay but not as good as the First Aid ones.


Ooh haven’t heard of either before @Glossy. Will have to check out after my Pixi Glow Pads. I’m always up for trying something new. How long before you notice results?


The First Aid Beauty pads took about a week for me to notice a difference. I couldn’t really say how long the Nip and Fab ones took cause I started using them straight after I finished my First Aid ones.


I used the Nip + Fab ones. They have standard, and then extreme for those used to using the product. I love that if I’m feeling lazy I can just whip out one of the pads and give my skin a wipe, great for when you’re wearing makeup to give the skin an extra clean too. I used it intermittently at first so didn’t think it was making any difference to my skin, but when I used it every night (and a few mornings) my skin definitely looked clearer and a bit brighter after about a week/2 weeks.


@kyliecavanough a few people have mentioned Nip + Fab. Might have to give them a try next. I also love the convenience of the pads. Much prefer it to a cream or gel. Are you supposed to only leave the Nip & Fab formula on for a few minutes or is it something you can leave in overnight etc? I know the Pixi Glow pads say to leave for 1-2 mins and rinse but I’m always naughty and leave for a couple of hours and it seems to be fine!


Sometimes I feel that exfoliating products can be quite abrasive on the skin - however, there are a few that I love, and I can’t decide on just one favourite.

For exfoliating mask’s I either go for Aspect - Fruit Enzyme Mask, or the Dermalogica - Charcoal Rescue Mask. The Fruit Enzyme Mask has a citrus scent, is extremely gentle on the skin and has a jelly like texture.

If I need something a little stronger than I will go for the Charcoal Rescue Masque. It will help detoxify your skin and leave it feeling super soft.


I just tried my sample of the Dermalogica Charcoal Mask, and WOW! I’m in love with it.


Oh! Do I need to try this @kyliecavanough? What were the results like?


I loved the peter thomas roth pads but theyre very hard to find.

Im currently using and loving the drunk elephant glycolic serum. Shrinks pores and smoothens sooo good.


OMG it’s GORGEOUS!!! Admittedly I’m new to charcoal masks, but I loved it - until I saw the price :tired_face: My skin has broken out terribly in the past couple of weeks, with about 3 big pimples that just seem to stay there unchanging. So when I dug out the samples and saw this one thought, why not see how good charcoal really is. I left it on a bit longer then it said, then with wet hands wet my face and rubbed it in and could feel it scrubbing off the crappy skin but not in a rough, painful way. My face was red once it was all off - probably part because I left it too long and the exfoliation but my skin felt so soft and clean! Today those pimples have shrunk, and are so much less angry looking. It’s iincredible the difference!

I’ve made a note of this super awesome product, and after I work my way through the couple of natural companies on my list (first up Happy Skincare and they have charcoal cleanser I’m excited to try), if there’s nothing comparable then I’ll definitely be purchasing.

Let me know how you like it if you buy it!


Further update for you @christined
Also in my samples were some Sukin products including a charcoal cleanser and a mask. So I thought I’d compare it to the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque.
I haven’t applied it to my entire face this time though, just on the 3 persistant pimples that seem to have set up residence! Mind you, 2 are now just red dots, and one is still there but so much calmer then it was. In general, my skin has just been feeling great since using the Dermalogica mask - to the point I did the test to see what skin type I have (gentle cleanser then 2 hours later using a tissue see where the oil is), and I’ve had NO oil!!! It’s amazing. Two days later I’m still touching my face and amazed it feels like normal skin. No idea if it was the Dermalogica but I’m thrilled whatever it is!

Anyway, back to the comparison, the Sukin is a much lighter colour then the Dermalogica. Sukin is more of a subdued grey whereas Dermalogica was black. Other reviews I’ve seen complain about the smell of Dermalogica (no doubt the sulfur ingredient) but I’m super sensitive to smells and it didn’t bother me. Comparing the ingredients even a novice like me can see the Dermalogica has some great stuff in there, and at the top of the list too. You probably understand the inredients better then I do so it will make more sense to you.

I ended up going on Ebay this morning for something else, and bought a sample tube of the Dermalogica for under $20!! If it’s just as great as the first time, I think I’ll be caving and buying a full size.


Ooh I would be interested to try the Sukin as well @kyliecavanough. Especially as their prices are more reasonable. Although I do love Dermalogica. Did they help with blackheads and pores?


I did only use a little of the Sukin so it’s not really a fair test - but it did nothing for me. Where I’d applied it looked and felt no different. I wasn’t even interested in applying it to my entire face to see how it went. The Dermalogica - I don’t have a lot of blackheads but I do have really large pores. Everything just seemed nice, and calm I guess would be the best description. Hopefully my little sample doesn’t take too long to arrive and I can try it a few times and get a better idea.


Since my initial comments on the Dermalogica Charcoal Mask, I’ve purchased the full size and use it every week. It’s become my holy grail product - I love it! My skin looks firmer, plumper and so smooth after using it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!