Eyebrow decisions

Eyebrow decisions


I have blonde eyebrows and am constantly wondering what to do!!

Eyebrow pencils are great and certainly enable me to “put my eyebrows on”!!
I wondered if anyone has had their eyebrows tattooed and what are your thoughts?

I have recently ordered from Adore Beauty Ka-Brow! 01 Light and Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil – Blonde to add to my tool box (!!).

The other addition too is regular brow shaping and tinting to help me keep a consistent eyebrow shape.

What do you do? and what else can I do to keep my eyebrows… whether I am putting on makeup or not!




@juliebowdery my friend just had her eyebrows “tattooed” and she LOVES it!! I saw them the other day and they look really natural. I would never have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out. They apparently fade after a few months too which is ideal so they’re not permanent.


Tattooed eyebrows:smile: first time i am hearing this and it Sounds good. If you get your tattoos done don’t forget to share your experience.:hugs: