Eyebrow Help

Eyebrow Help


Hey Everyone, I have fair skin and very fair eyebrows and want some help on products that I should use to enhance my eyebrows rather then make them really dark. I’ve tried a few products so far and everything just was either to dramatic for my face and the wrong tone or did nothing. I find this is the hardest part of my face to do cause I really don’t do much with them to be honest because of this fact. Any help would be great!


Have you tried Benefit - Gimme Brow? It will give your brows more volume while adding depth to the colour. The shade 1 is a light ash blonde colour, that will help define rather than give you that scouse brow.


Thanks Vanessa, I shall give this product a go and see what it looks like!


No worries @lynseyadams! I’d recommend trying their find your perfect brow finder. :wink:



You know what though @lynseyadams, I bet that even though it looks really dramatic to you, it might not to everyone else. More colour on your brows will always look really scary at first until you get used to it.
Gimme Brow is awesome and a great place to start. If it looks weird to you at first, get a second opinion before dismissing it! (you’re always welcome to post a selfie here!)


Thanks Kate for your advice!