Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions


Anyone on here an eyelash extension fan? I’ve tried them a couple of times and have a love/hate relationship with them. They always look amazing on the first week or so but then I’m forever battling against twisted or loose hanging lashes after about 2 weeks and it starts to drive me mad.
I probably also don’t get them refilled soon enough if I refill at all but now I’m in a position where I’m currently not planning to refill and I have a few random lash extensions which I am struggling to get off. Have tried coconut and rosehip oil and just don’t feel like I can get them off without pulling an eyelash out. Any tips? In fact any eyelash extension tricks of the trade in general… Your fave places to get them done etc?


I went through a phase about five years ago of getting mink lashes done. It was a bit of upkeep but boy did my eyelashes look AH-MAY-ZING for a few months there…

I have fairly dark and long lashes anyway so I think for me mascara is all it takes to get that BIG look easily, but if I had short lashes then I probably would get extensions regularly.


I’m addicted to eyelash extensions (an extremely expensive addiction!) I get them done every three-four weeks in a natural style - I find the glamour ones a little too intense! I have short, light eyelashes so I either need a LOT of mascara or extensions.

I highly recommend extensions before a going on a tropical holiday, so you can jump in and out of the ocean and still look glamourous AF!


Do only certain places use mink lashes? Are they more expensive? @tresnalee


@jackie_d I’ve often thought if I somehow ended up on a show like Survivor I would def go in with eyelash extensions and chemically straightened hair. I sure as sh*t am not going on national TV looking rubbish :joy: . That said I probably wouldn’t last beyond the first knock out round.


@christined I recall them being more expensive and only offered at some salons. They weren’t actually made from mink but a silky synthetic fibre.

@jackie_d love the idea of doing them again for a holiday! I always find it difficult t wear makeup in the tropics but some lashes would certainly help the look!


I’m super interested in this - I’m going on a 3 week holiday next month and desperately want eyelash extensions before I go! @taylahdistefano is my resident eyelash extension expert!


Eyelash Extensions generally speaking should last around 3 weeks before looking a little ‘spidery’. This is all dependent on the application and after care of the lashes. If you sleep on them - They’ll tangle, (best to sleep flat on your back- this will keep them looking nice and even) if you use products that contain oil around the eye area - even your concealers this can break down the glue - Oil free makeup removers/products are key! Extensions should be brushed with a mascara wand- daily to keep them in place, also washing them is good, even just with a wet q-tip along the lash line (To remove any oil produced by the skin). Lastly no mascara, at all, ever! Eyelash maintenance can be annoying but it will help :slight_smile: As for removal, this can be tough! you may need to see your technician, otherwise they should just fall out on their own over time, oil will fasten this process :slight_smile:


@taylahdistefano have you got any tips for favourite lash extension salons around Melbourne that you recommend ?


@tresnalee where did you get the mink lashes done? Might need to try!


The salon has now closed, but Miss Fox does amazing lashes and would be my go-to now if I were to get them done again.


Amazing! Will have to check out x


Recommend Mel Queen Lashes (search them on Facebook) there at 227 Collins St Melbourne and do a amazing job at really good affordable prices :slight_smile:


Thanks @michellesamson will definitely check them out


I’ve not had much to do with eyelash extensions at all other than a few applications. I live rurally so there is not a great selection of technicians out this way.
The one thing I’ve read about mink lashes is to do with animal cruelty. Some brands state they are cruelty free, taking the mink fur from the brushings of live mink, however farming conditions for these animals has been questionable.
I’m only mentioning this as it was something I’d bit considered when I first heard about them.


Quick question! Would regular extensions eventually damage my natural lashes? I get mine done every few weeks and worry I am actually screwing my lashes in the long run…


@jackie_d someone once told me she stopped because they were too heavy for her lashes and they kept falling out but I wonder whether it was more that she just took more notice when lashes fell out because the extensions made it obvious. Other than that I don’t think it would affect lash growth, surely?


If eyelash extensions are done correctly - Good isolation, the right amount
of glue, not too long or heavy for the natural lashes then they won’t
affect lash growth or make natural lashes fall out (any more than they
normally would!)


You are absolutely correct @christined. They fall sometimes and its quite embarrassing if we are in meeting or in some important professional discussions. Other than that there is no any major problems with that.