Eyelash Glue

Eyelash Glue


Fake eyelash newbie over here! Just wondering what a good glue would be to use for someone with sensitive eyes?


Try the magnetic ones. You can get them on the ‘Wish’ site for just $2. That way they won’t cost you a ton if you don’t like them. I got some from them and they are just fine. Then you can buy the more expensive ones if you want which no doubt are a lot better.


Oh I see the ads for these magnetic lashes all the time!! I’ve been wondering whether they’re decent. I just always look at the ads and think there’s no way they’ll sit properly on me and I’ll be dealing with wonky lashes all the time.


Ive never worn fake lashes because of the glue but the $2 ones I got stay where you put them and the magnets are so small you can’t even tell they are there yet they are really strong.
The only thing I’d like to change is to make them smaller so they look more natural but I wouldn’t cut them because they’re tapered at the ends to look like real lashes and if I cut them they’d be blunt. For evening wear they’d be perfect, still they do look nice. For $2 you can’t go wrong just to try them out.


Hey @clairebarnett!

I find that DUO is fantastic for sensitive eyes, they have an extensive range of different types of glue. Also, if you are a newbie to lashes I’d suggest getting the half set lashes, as they are A LOT easy to apply and won’t irritate the inner corner of your eye.