Eyeliner that doesn't smudge?

Eyeliner that doesn't smudge?
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One of life’s greatest mysteries for me to this day is how to stop my eyeliner from smudging through the day! I’ve tried a bit of powder after applying to set the liner but I’m not keen on the powdery residue left on my face afterwards.

What are your recommendations for smudge proof eyeliner that lasts through the day?


Eye of Horus! Their eyeliners are amazing. The pigmentation is brilliant and they last all day without fading or smudging.


Thanks @Glossy! I have heard this before actually. Might need to give it a try! x


I bought the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Waterproof Liner recently and it lives up to its claims! It’s slightly more spendy but Bobbi Brown doesn’t tend to let me down - you really do get what you pay for with this one.


It’s also ultra-black and doesn’t budge, at all. I should probably review this, come to think…