Facial Mist with SPF?

Facial Mist with SPF?


We are heading into the Australian summer and I’m trying to make sure I use sunscreen more consistently. I always apply under makeup but I never reapply during the day! Mainly cause it’s gonna disturb my makeup.

I’ve started to hear about some facial mists that have SPF.

Has anyone tried any? I’d love to know if there’s any good ones available that I can just spray throughout the day on top of makeup.



omg I haven’t heard of this but if it exists I’m in! Sounds so easy @hayleypan


There’s a couple that I’ve heard of but it doesn’t look like we sell them in Australia. So hoping someone knows of one in Aus that we can buy.
We have Kate Sommerville the brand, but their mist called the "Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray - Setting Spray and Face Sunscreen " I don’t see available at Mecca.


I absolutely need this! There’s always the advice to reapply sunscreen throughout the day but I don’t see how that’s possible when you have makeup on?


Hoping someone knows of some available here in Aus! Cause it would be so handy to have. I think a lot of brands haven’t been able to sell their spf products in Australia though because of the strict regulations.


Exactly @tresnalee! How are you supposed to reapply when you’ve got foundation etc on! A mist would be perfect.